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CABLE  Joseph   1st Regiment

CADDEN  John   27th Regiment

CAFFERY / CAFFRAY / CAFFREY  Thomas   88th Regiment

CAIRNS  James   Royal Artillery 5th Brigade

CALDWELL / COLDWELL  James   57th Regiment

CALLAGHAN / CALLAGNAN   Cornelius   2nd Regiment

CALLAGHAN  James   30th Regiment

CALLAGHAN  James / John   63rd Regiment

CALLAGHAN  Patrick   Honourable East India Company 1st European Infantry Bombay Fusiliers

CALLENAN / CALLANAN  John   5th Dragoon Guards

CALSON  John   Royal Marines Woolwich Division 32nd Company

CALVERT  John   83rd Regiment

CAMERON  Hugh   Honourable East India Company 1st Madras Artillery and Royal Artillery 17th Battalion

CAMPBELL  George   Royal Artillery 8th 2nd and 8th Battery

CAMPBELL  George   79th Regiment

CAMPBELL  John   42nd Regiment and Rifle Brigade 2nd Battalion

CAMPBELL  Kenneth   72nd Regiment

CAMPBELL  William   42nd Regiment

CANNON  John   1st Life Guards

CANTWELL  Thomas   97th Regiment

CAPLE / CAPEL  William   56th Regiment

CAREY  Lawrence   32nd Regiment

CARMICHAEL  Samuel   91st Regiment

CARR  William   89th Regiment

CARROLL  Cornelius   74th Regiment

CARROLL  John   6th Dragoon Guards

CARROLL  John   57th and 25th Regiment

CARROLL  Michael   Rifle Brigade 2nd Battalion

CARROLL  Patrick John   Honourable East India Company Bombay Artillery 1st Battalion 3rd Company

CARROLL  Thomas   18th Regiment

CARSON  Samuel   22nd and 73rd Regiment

CARSON / CARSONS  James   57th Regiment

CARTER  John   Honourable East India Company 1st European Regiment

CARTER  Matthew   15th Hussars / Dragoons

CARTY  Michael   90th Regiment

CARTY / McCARTY / McCARTHY  Daniel   63rd and 21st Regiment 2nd Battalion

CASEY  Patrick   64th Regiment

CASHMAN  John   25th and 74th Regiment

CASHON / CASSION / CASHIN / CASHEN  James   13th Regiment

CAVAN  Edward   86th Regiment

CEELEY / CEELY  Thomas   54th Regiment

CHAMBERS  Henry   14th and 68th Regiment

CHAMBERS  John   7th 6th and 7th Dragoon Guards

CHAPMAN  William   Royal Marines

CHARTRES / CHARTERS  Henry   Honourable East India Company

CHILDERHOUSE / CHILDHOUSE  John / James   40th Regiment Depot

CHURCH  Frederick   Royal Artillery 11th Battalion

CHURCH  William   Royal Artillery 8th Battery

CLAFFEY  Patrick   65th Regiment

CLANCY / CLANCEY  Patrick   61st 57th and 44th Regiment

CLANCY / CLANCEY  Peter   89th and 6th Regiment

CLARK  Charles   40th Regiment

CLARKE  John   72nd and 78th Regiment

CLARK / CLARKE  Thomas   26th Regiment

CLARK / CLARKE  Thomas   48th Regiment

CLARKE / CLARK  George   9th Regiment

CLARKE / CLARK  William   Royal Artillery 3rd Battery

CLAYTON  John   80th Regiment

CLAYTON  Joseph   39th Regiment

CLEWS  Thomas   80th Regiment

CLINTON  James   27th Regiment

COATES  George   Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion

CODY / COADY  John   36th Regiment

COFFIN / COFFEN  William   59th Regiment

COGHLAN / COUGHLAN  Michael   75th Regiment

COGLAN / COLGAN  John   67th Regiment

COLEMAN  Thomas   41st Regiment

COLLEGE  James   12th Regiment

COLLINS  Daniel   Honourable East India Company 2nd European Light Infantry

COLLINS Joseph – Royal Marines

COLTON / COTTON  William   Royal Artillery 5th Battalion

COLWELL  Owen   88th and 84th Regiment

COMER / CONNOR / CONNORS  Matthew   76th Regiment

COMMERFORD / COMERFORD  Martin   33rd Regiment

CONDON  Jeremiah   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay Fusiliers

CONGDON  William   65th Regiment and Army Staff Corps

CONLEY / CONELLY  Martin   71st Regiment

CONLON / CONLAN  Michael   77th Regiment

CONNEALLY / CONNEALY  Timothy   9th Regiment

CONNELLYCONNOLLY James   26th Regiment

CONNELLY / CONNOLLY / CANNOLLY John   88th and 29th Regiment

CONNOLLY  Michael   19th Regiment

CONNOLLY  Richard   73rd Regiment

CONNOR  William   26th and 69th Regiment

CONNOR / CONNORS  James   Honourable East India Company Bengal Infantry

CONNOR / CONNORS  Owen   99th Regiment

CONNOR / CONNORS  Peter   73rd Regiment

CONNOR / CONNORS  Thomas   99th and 28th Regiment

CONNORS / CONNOR  Darby / Jeremiah   22nd Regiment

CONROY  John   45th Regiment (died onboard)

COOK / COOKE James   12th Regiment 1st Battalion

COOPER  George   62nd and 59th Regiment

COOTE  Thomas   82nd Regiment

COPE  Thomas   Honourable East India Company Madras 2nd European Regiment

CORBOY  Michael   19th Regiment

CORCORAN  John   3rd Regiment

CORNELLY / CORNALLY  Farrell / Furrell   65th Regiment

CORNICK  George   59th Regiment

COSS  John   21st and 24th Regiment

COSTELLO  William   31st Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

COSTELLO / COSTELLOE  John   40th Regiment

COSTIGAN  George   11th Regiment

COUGHLAN  Patrick   5th Fusiliers 25th and 43rd Regiment

COULSON  John AKA John Wood  Royal Marine s Woolwich 40th

COYLE  Charles   84th Regiment

COURTNEY  Nicholas   22nd Regiment

COWAN / COWEN  Henry   52nd Regiment

COYLE  John   Cape Mounted Rifles and 27th Regiment

CRAGGS / CRAIG  Benjamin   7th Dragoon Guards

CRAIG  William   Honourable East India Company 2nd European Regiment

CRAWFORD  James   54th 87th Regiment and 21st Hussars

CRITCH  Henry   16th and 35th Regiment

CRONAN / CRONIN  Patrick   88th and 83rd Regiment

CRONIN / CRONAN  Owen   Honourable East India Company Bombay Fusiliers and Royal Artillery 6th Battalion 18th Brigade

CROOKS  James   3rd Foot Guards

CROSS  John Henry   10th Hussars and 9th Dragoons

CROWDY  Thomas   Royal Marines Portsmouth Division 66th Company

CROWE  James   38th and 97th Regiment

CROWE  Samuel   62nd 44th and 50th Regiment

CROWLEY  William   Honourable East India Company 1st European Madras Fusiliers

CUNNINGHAM  James   60th Rifles

CUNNINGHAM  James   Royal Artillery 11th Battery

CUNNINGHAM  James   31st Regiment

CUNNINGHAM  John   83rd Regiment

CURLEY  / CURLY / CUSLEY Michael   45th Regiment Royal Canadian Rifles 69th Regiment and 60th Rifles 1st Battalion

CURTAIN / CURTIN / CURTEN  John   18th Regiment

CURTIS  Francis   14th Light Dragoons

CUTHBERT  William   97th Regiment