The Enrolled Pensioner Guards Special Interest Group of FamilyHistoryWA was formed in 2000 by descendants of men who became members of the  Enrolled Pensioner Force (EPF) – it consisted of soldiers who came to the colony of Western Australia between 1850 and 1880, most arriving during the years of convict transportation as Guards on the convict ships. They were soldiers who had been discharged from Military Service, and who on discharge from the army, were awarded pensions.

Thirty seven ships brought 1,243 individual Enrolled Pensioner Guards to Western Australia 1850 to 1874 and another 6 military men already in the State also joined the Enrolled Pensioner Force – so 1,249 men in total:

      • Just over 700 men were Irish 
      • A similar number stayed in Western Australia
      • On average they served 17.5 years in the Army and lived 61 years
      • They were accompanied by over 800 wives and 1,400 children.

Of the men that served in the Enrolled Pensioner Force it is estimated one third were awarded Military Campaign Medals. Records show that where our men received Campaign Medals, many received more than one. The breadth of service, battles fought and achievements by men of the Enrolled Pensioner Force includes the Crimean War, South African Frontier Wars, 1st Anglo Afghan War, the China Way, the Indian Mutiny and includes medals such as the Victoria Cross and the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

If you have information on medals, photographs of EPGs,  stories of their achievements let us know at the Contact Page