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The Enrolled Pensioner Force consisted of soldiers, who came to the colony of Western Australia between 1850 and 1874, most arriving during the years of convict transportation as Guards on the convict ships.

The soldiers are listed alphabetically by surname – please click  on the appropriate link to locate  the person you are looking for.

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TUNNEY John Sgt 80th Regiment came on Dudbrook 1853

WHITE William 99th Regiment came on Hashemy 1850

PTOLOMEY Andrew Joseph 79th Regiment came on Racehorse 1865

RUSH James 88th Regiment came on Naval Brigade 1874 -with wife Eliza and daughter Catherine








NOONAN – William Joseph 54th Regiment came on William Jardine 1852

OCONNELL Daniel 6th Dragoon Guards came on Palmerston 1861

NAYLOR Henry Dyson 13th Light Dragoons came on Norwood 1862 – Source Helen Cleak

MINORGAN Thomas 24th Regiment came on Naval Brigade 1874 – courtesy Jeff-Oates








MONAGHAN Bernard 3rd Regiment came Ramillies 1854 – c 1879 daughter Ellen Collins with children maybe South Melbourne

McNEESE John 8th Regiment came on Merchantman 1863 – EPG photo

McQUADE Peter 72nd Regiment came on Robert Small 1853 EPG photo

LITTON  John 38th Regiment and wife Isabel came on Belgravia 1866 – Fremantle Army Museum








LINDSAY George 47th Regiment came on Norwood 1867

LEIGHTON John 6th Dragoons – came on Runnymede 1856

KIRWAN John 63rd and 30th came on Scindian 1850

KELLY John 41st Regiment w wife Anne came on Lincelles 1862 – from Northampton Museum








KEAN William 88th came on Edwin Fox 1858

HENDERSON Richard EIC came on Vimiera 1865 with possibly 1st wife Ann

KAIN Bernard 29th Regiment came on Adelaide 1855

GRADY Thomas VC 4th Regiment came on Norwood 1862 courtesy Kings Own Regiment








GRIFFIN James 33rd Regiment came on Clara 1857

FLANAGAN Richard 87th Regiment came on William Hammond 1856

FLYNN JOHN 3 and 49 Regiments came on Norwood 1862

FITZPATRICK Michael 103rd Regiment came on Norwood 1867








FELTHAM James Octavius 65th regiment – 5th right came on Norwood 1867- Ref 12-025608-F Alexander Turnbull Library Wellington New Zealand

DAVIES Henry – Royal Marines came on Scindian 1850 – from research of Murray Davies

CROWE James 97th Regiment came on Clyde 1863

CRITCH Henry 35th Regiment and wife Sarah came on Norwood 1867








ARBUCKLE John EIC came on Clyde 1863

ALLEN Arthur Royal Artillery 10th Battalion came on Naval Brigade 1874 from EPG Gazette Oct 2016

AHERN John and Rosanna 68 Regiment came on Merchantman 1863

John Robert Atkinson 2nd Dragoon Guards came on Scindian 1850








BRYAN Thomas Sgt 96th bandmaster Perth Metro Rifle Volunteer Band came on Clyde 1863 – sons Thomas Kettle drum, John Joseph piccolo , Alfred triangle

WRIGHT – Joseph aka STURMAN – George 46th and 45th Regiment came on Racehorse 1865

Daniel Carty 1832-1923 came on the Naval Brigade 1874

BUCKLEY Timothy and wife Emily arrived Clara 1864








HOUSTONE William Russell photo 1869 Government House, during visit of the Duke of Edinburgh. William arrived Lincelles

HARDMAN William – arrived on the Minden (Fremantle Library – Elizabeth John and William Hardman c1880 Reference number 4975)

SUTTON Samuel -arrived on Scindian – 1850 (Fremantle Library  slwa_b2584712_1)

CONNORS Jeremiah (Darby) on left with wife Margaret and son 22nd Regiment came on Dudbrook 1853








BROWN Michael 1828-1900 came on Naval Brigade 1874

McMAHON John 47th Regiment came on Sultana 1859 w family

REILLY John 57th Regiment came on the Sultana 1859 – courtesy Jeff Osborne







EFFORD Samuel Royal Artillery – Courtesy of the Town of Claremont – came on the Lord Dalhousie 1863

DAVIS John Law East India Company arrived 1853 on the Dudbrook

MURPHY – John 83rd 28th and 95th Regiments arrived 1874 Naval Brigade

TURNER William 28th and 78th Regiments arrived 1866 Belgravia







SHEMELS Benjamin 73rd Regiment arrived 1874 Naval Brigade