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It is estimated one third of EPGs were awarded Military Campaign Medals. Some individual examples include:

Examples of the medals, breadth of service, battles fought and achievements by EPGs at war follows:


Conflicts fought in include:

  • The South African Frontier Wars of 1834–36, 1846–47 and 1850–53: over sixty men received one or more medals for these campaigns in the eastern Cape of Good Hope.
  • 1st Anglo Afghan War 1839 to 1842: over thirty men received medals with clasps for battles at Kandahar, Jellalabad, Ghunzi and Kabool.
  • China War 1840 to 1842: over sixty men received medals for serving with distinction in battles at Canton River, Chusan, Amoy, Ningpo, Chinhai, Tzeki, Chapu, Woosung and Chinkiang.
  • Crimean War 1854-1855: over two hundred men received medals.
  • Indian Mutiny 1857-1858: over two hundred men received medals for service and battles in Delhi, Defence and Relief of Lucknow, Lucknow and Central India – FYI: 50 Year Anniversary – 16 November 1907 The Herald WA Indian Mutiny
  • Other examples of medals issued include Baltic Medal, Gwalia Star, Bronze Stars, Defence of Kars, Legion d’Honeur, New Zealand Maori Wars, Militaire Republique France, Sutlej Medal and various Long Service & Good Conduct Medals.
  • The Charge of the Light Brigade (Balaclava) – Pensioner Henry Dyson Naylor of the 13th Light Dragoons participated and his sword from the battle survives to this day.


If you have information on medals, photographs or men’s stories and achievements let us know at the Contact Page