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Q. How can I find out more about the Enrolled Pensioner Force?

If you are member of Family History WA, for $10 you can join the Enrolled Pensioner Guards Special Interest Group. Information about this group can be found here. We meet quarterly – a badge and certificate for descendants of Enrolled Pensioners is also available for a small fee. Join in and learn about this important West Australian history.

You can also check out the About Us.

Q. I have information on an Enrolled Pensioner – how can I get it published on this website

Contact us here – we will try and help.

Q. Who developed this website?

See our About Page 

Q. How can I find out what the abbreviations used on the web-site mean?

ACC = Accession
ADM = Admiralty
AJCP = Australasian Joint Copying Project
B = Birth
bap = Baptism
BT = Board of Trade
c = About (year)
CO = Colonial Office
Cons = Consignment
D = Death
d = pence
EPF = Enrolled Pensioner Force
EPG = Enrolled Pensioner Guard
FIBIS = Families in British India Society
HEIC = Honourable East India Company
HEICA = Honourable East India Company Artillery
HO = Home Office
M = Marriage
SLWA = State Library of Western Australia
SO = Staff Officer
SOP = Staff Officer Pensions
SROWA = State Record Office of Western Australia
TNA = National Archives UK
WABI = Western Australian Biographical Index
WO = War Office


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ABOUT: For background information.  This sections contains information about the Enrolled Pensioner Guards, website development and references and a vote of thanks for all those who played a part in this research 

SHIPS: This section contains a list of all the convict ships  that came to Western Australia  between 1850  and 1868. Click on the name of a ship to access details of the ship and a list of the Pensioner Guards who arrived on her.

PROFILES A-Z: This section contains profiles of all the EPGs men. Click on any dark blue link to take you to a  profile of the man concerned.  Click on the ‘Return to [ship name]’ link to take you back to the list of men on that particular ship or you can use the ‘breadcrumb’ menu to return to the profiles page.

BATTLES/MEDALS: Outlines the battles our men fought in and the Campaign Medals received

NEWS & RESEARCH Here we have our Latest News and many articles of research EPGs, their lives and loves.

FAQ: This page directs you to our Facebook Page and anticipates and answers some of your questions.

CONTACT: This page contains the contact form that you can fill in and  send to us.  We hope you will contact us  with any comments about the website, any errors, and hopefully you may be able to add more details to our profiles via photos, documents or stories concerning the EPF