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Abbreviations used on the web-site mean:

ACC = Accession
ADM = Admiralty
AJCP = Australasian Joint Copying Project
B = Birth
bap = Baptism
BT = Board of Trade
c = About (year)
CO = Colonial Office
Cons = Consignment
D = Death
d = pence
EPF = Enrolled Pensioner Force
EPG = Enrolled Pensioner Guard
FIBIS = Families in British India Society
HEIC = Honourable East India Company
HEICA = Honourable East India Company Artillery
HO = Home Office
M = Marriage
SLWA = State Library of Western Australia
SO = Staff Officer
SOP = Staff Officer Pensions
SROWA = State Record Office of Western Australia
TNA = National Archives UK
WABI = Western Australian Biographical Index
WO = War Office

Regiment Numbers used in EPG individual profiles are generally derived as follows:

  • For British Army EPGs the regimental number is that allocated on their attestation.
  • For HEIC & Royal Marine EPGs, the pension number allocated when invalided e.g. Lord Clive Fund

How to use this website

Underneath the main menu, on the left, is a Search box.  You can use this to search for information on the website. 

ABOUT: For background information.  This sections contains information about the Enrolled Pensioner Guards, website development and references and a vote of thanks for all those who played a part in this research 

SHIPS: This section contains a list of all the convict ships  that came to Western Australia  between 1850  and 1868. Click on the name of a ship to access details of the ship and a list of the Pensioner Guards who arrived on her.

PROFILES A-Z: This section contains profiles of all the EPGs men. Click on any dark blue link to take you to a  profile of the man concerned.  Click on the ‘Return to [ship name]’ link to take you back to the list of men on that particular ship or you can use the ‘breadcrumb’ menu to return to the profiles page.

BATTLES/MEDALS: Outlines the battles our men fought in and the Campaign Medals received

RESEARCH Here we have many articles of research about EPGs, their lives and loves.