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MACK  Michael   19th Regiment 

MACKEY / MACKIE   Patrick   77th Regiment

MAGEE  Robert   Honourable East India Company Artillery and Royal Artillery 18th Brigade

MAGUIRE / McGUIRE  Edward   27th Regiment

MAGUIRE / McGUIRE  Patrick   8th Regiment

MAHER  Thomas   35th Regiment

MAHER / MAGTHER  Thomas   10th and 94th Regiment

MAHONEY / MAHONY  James   Honourable East India Company 1st European Fusiliers

MAINS  John   9th and 98th Regiment

MAKER George  Royal Marines

MALLETT  Richard   Royal Artillery 11th Brigade

MALLEY /  LALLY  Thomas   15th Regiment 1st Battalion Army Hospital Corps and 15th Regiment

MALLOY / MULLOY  Patrick   22nd and 64th Regiment

MALONE  Edward / Edmund   88th Regiment

MALONEY / MOLONEY  Patrick   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery 2nd Company 5th Brigade

MANGAN  Andrew   Honourable East India Company

MANNING  John   39th Regiment

MANNING  Michael   Honourable East India Company

MANNING  Thomas   68th Regiment

MARKEY / MARKEE  Christopher   44th Regiment

MARRISON / MORRISON  John   77th Regiment

MARS  James   36th and 13th Regiment 1st Battalion

MARSHALL  Alexander   92nd Regiment

MARTIN  Daniel   39th and 80th Regiment

MARTIN  Edward   Royal Marines Woolwich Division 88th Company

MARTIN  James   15th Regiment

MARTIN  John   74th Regiment

MARTIN  Thomas   99th Regiment

MASH / MUSH  John   4th Regiment

MATTHEWS / MATHEWS  Patrick   86th Regiment

MAY  Alfred   25th Regiment 1st Battalion

MAYBERRY  Thomas   35th Regiment

MEADE / MEAD  Thomas   7th Regiment

MEEHAN  Patrick   Honourable East India Company 2nd European Fusiliers

MEEKHUMS  James   96th and 61st Regiment

MEALIA / MELIA / MEALEN / MEALIN  Michael   99th Regiment

MEER / MEERE  Patrick   89th Regiment

MEIKLAM / MECKLANE  Roger   2nd Regiment 1st Battalion

MELLOWS / MALLOWS  Joseph Weatherall   8th and 64th Regiment

MELVILLE  Robert   Royal Marines

MEREDITH  John   10th Regiment

MILLER  Samuel   Royal Artillery  5th Battalion

MILLER  William   74th Regiment

MILLER / MILLAR  William Henry   Royal Artillery 14th Brigade

MILLARD Peter – Royal Marines Plymouth 3rd Division

MILLS  Thomas   26th Regiment

MILLWARD  Samuel John Williams   4th Light Dragoons and 10th Hussars

MILTON  Stephen   70th Regiment

MINORGAN  Thomas   10th 24th 4th and 24th Regiment

MITCHELL / MITCHEL  Matthew   65th Regiment

MOFFATT / MORPHETT  Thomas   Honourable East India Company Artillery

MOLLOY / MALLOY  John   23rd Regiment

MONAGHAN  Bernard   3rd Regiment

MONAGHAN  Michael   9th Regiment

MONAGHAN  Peter / Patrick   35th Regiment

MOODY Thomas 3rd Light Dragoon

MOORE  Peter   28th and 22nd Regiment

MOORE  Robert   54th Regiment

MORAN  Michael   12th Regiment

MORAN  Terance   15th Regiment 1st Battalion

MORAN  Timothy   50th Regiment

MORGAN  Henry   Honourable East India Company 1st European Fusiliers Madras

MORGAN  Henry   Royal Artillery 10th Battalion

MORGAN  Robert   Royal Artillery Coastal Brigade

MORIARTY  Bartholomew   Honourable East India Company 1st Madras Fusiliers

MORRISSEY / MORRISEY  Patrick  10th Regiment

MORTON  Samuel   95th 80th and 95th Regiment

MORTIMER  Arthur   Royal Artillery 2nd Battalion 4th Company

MUIR  William   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay European Fusiliers

MUIRHEAD  Archibald   Royal Artillery 1st Battalion

MULDOON  Owen   Honourable East India Company 2nd Bengal European Regiment

MULLIGAN  Christopher   86th Regiment

MUNDAY  William   1st Regiment 2nd Battalion

MURPHY  Cornelius   63rd and 84th Regiment

MURPHY  James   19th Regiment

MURPHY  Jeremiah   29th Regiment

MURPHY  Jeremiah   40th Regiment

MURPHY  John   22nd Regiment

MURPHY  John   83rd  28th and 95th Regiment

MURPHY  Peter   31st Regiment

MURPHY  Patrick   Honourable East India Company 2nd Madras Light Infantry

MURRAY  John   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay European Fusiliers

MURREN / MURRIN  Lewis   52nd Regiment