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MINORGAN – Thomas 4th 10th and 24th Regiment

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Thomas Minorgan by Jeffrey W Oates – 2020

Thomas Minorgan and Vale Colin Minorgan – EPG Gazette 2001 No 2

Thomas Minorgan photograph courtesy of Jeffery W Oates


Thomas and Catherine courtesy of Jeffery W Oates
4th Regiment
10th Lincolnshire Cap Badge
24TH South Wales Borderers cap badge
Thomas’ actual medals in order – Turkish Crimea Medal, Crimean War Medal with Alma Inkerman and Sebastopol clasps and Meritorious Service Medal – courtesy Jeffrey W Oates
Uniform rank ensign – courtesy Jeffrey W Oates
Karakatta Monument
Land Application
1887 parade of the Enrolled Pensioner Guard in Barrack Street before the guard was disbanded. Thomas is on the extreme right marked with a “X”
NameMINORGAN – Thomas
Regiment (s)10th 24th 4th and 24th Regiment
Regiment Number (s) – / – / – / 694
Date/Age/Place/Trade or
Profession at Attestation
20th November 1851 / 19 years / Dublin Ireland
Description – Height
5 Ft 7.1/8 in
Fresh / Hazel / Brown / None
Overseas Service/DurationMalta – 7 months
Crimea – 2 years 4 months
Length of Service16 years 28 days
Rank/Date/Place of DischargeColour Sergeant / 17th December 1867 / Sheffield England
Campaign MedalsCrimean War Medal with Alma Inkerman and Sebastopol clasps
Turkish Crimea Medal
Intended Residence at
28 Henrietta Street Dublin Ireland
Pension Districts1868 Dublin
1873 Greenwich
1874-1911 Western Australia
Pension Paid1/6d per diem
1881 Increased to 1/8½d per diem
1887 pension increased to 2/0d per diem for service in Enrolled Force and being allowed 5 years 8 months service in Dublin City Military Militia to reckon bringing his total service to 21years 287 days
Date of Departure and Place
England or Ireland
1st November 1873 Gravesend England
Ship and Date of Arrival
Western Australia
NAVAL BRIGADE 18th February 1874
Date/Place of Birth19th March 1832 St James Dublin Ireland
Date/Place of BaptismNot yet known
Date/Place of Birth
B 1768 Ireland
Date/Place of Birth
B 1806 Scotland
Dublin Ireland
SiblingsMINORGAN Robert
1st Wife
Date of Birth or Baptism
1840 (of Waterford Ireland – marriage certificate) – death circa 1858/59
Date/Place of Marriage2 February 1858 Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland
Children by 1st WifeRobert John B 29 December 1858 Killarney, Kerry, Ireland baptised there 1 Jan 1859
M MACK Catherine 1884 Perth Western Australia
D 6th November 1917 Cottesloe Western Australia
buried Roman Catholic Section Karrakatta Cemetery Western Australia
Father of 1st wife
Date/Place of Birth
POWER Pierce (a farmer)
Mother of 1st wife
Not yet known
2nd Wife
Date of Birth or Baptism
1841 Connaught, Ireland.
Date/Place of Marriage13 August 1859, Clonmel, Ireland
also registered 25th November 1859 Medway, Kent, England
Father is Michael MEEGHAN
Children by 2nd WifeNone known
2nd Wife
Date of Death
November 1869
Dublin Ireland
3rd WifeFLYNN Catherine
Date/Place of Marriage11th July 1870 Dublin Ireland
Father of 3rd wife
Date/Place of Birth
FLYNN Patrick
Children by 3rd WifeThomas B 29th May 1871 in Dublin Ireland
Bp 14th June 1871 St. Mary’s (Pro-cathedral) Dublin City Dublin Ireland
M Mary Geary 1893 Perth WA
D 6 May 1915 in Perth WA
Annie B 11 January 1873 in Dublin Ireland
D 2nd June 1976 Como Western Australia
buried Roman Catholic Section Karrakatta Cemetery Western Australia (did not marry)
James Christopher B 8 March 1875 Perth Western Australia
D 30th March 1927 West Perth Western Australia
buried Anglican Section Karrakatta Cemetery Western Australia – (did not marry)
Alice Mary
B 28 April 1877 in Perth
D in 1877 at age 9 mths in Perth WA
Catherine Mary
B 1 December 1878 in Perth
D 9 June 1968 in Como, Perth WA
(did not marry)
Evelyn Mary
B 29 December 1880 in Perth
D October 1881 at age 9 mths in Fremantle WA
Edward Patrick B 1882 Perth Western Australia
M Margaret Brown 1918 Perth WA
D 5th June 1948 West Perth Western Australia
buried Anglican Section Karrakatta Cemetery Western Australia
Alice Mary B 8 December 1887 Perth Western Australia
M James Brown (no record of actual marriage located)
D 17 April 1973 in West Leederville, Perth WA
Date/Place of Death/Burial
3rd Wife
21st June 1930 Como, Perth Western Australia
buried Roman Catholic Section Karrakatta Cemetery Western Australia
Land Grants Western
John Street West Perth Lot 126Y 0.3.0 acres formerly allotted to Patrick Fannon (99th foot) transferred to Sergeant Minorgan 1881
6th April 1881 Title application
14th June 1881 Certificate if title issuedSergeant Minorgan applied for a grant of land at Albany
There is an enclosure signed by Patrick Fannon which reads:
“Patrick Fannon of the 99th foot agreed to resign Perth Pot Y 126 in favour of Sergeant Thomas Minorgan on him paying me for such improvements as I have effected, as I do not have the means to make the improvements required by the regulations to entitle me to the Fee Simple”.
Signed Patrick Fannon 22nd January 1881
ApprovedJohn Street West Perth Lot 126Y 0.3.0 acres formerly allotted to Patrick Fannon (99th foot) transferred to Sergeant Minorgan 1881 on him paying Patrick Fannon for the improvement he had made.There is a raft of correspondence regarding Minorgan’s application for land at Albany beginning in 1881:15th November 1881
There are many unoccupied Pensioner allotment of land at Albany might I humbly request that you will be good enough to move His excellency the Governor that he may be pleased to give me Sub Lot P6 as a gift or if he may be pleased not to have it for free may I have it at the upset price.
You are aware, Sir I have a grant at Perth which Patrick Fannon relinquished in my favor for a gratuity also that I have worked hard for years keeping the Register books of Pensioners Lands and Allotment throughout the Colony. I have never received any land only what Fannon gave me with your permission. The reason I am anxious to get an allotment in Albany is my eldest son is going there to be employed and I would give him a portion of it to encourage him to erect a cottage.
Thomas Minorgan Staff Sergeant

6th June 1883 To Captain MS Smith
Thomas Minorgan applied for grant P6 Albany by purchased at the same price as paid by Sergeant Tunney (30/- per acre)
He said that Governor Robinson had promised him the land 2 years previously
Application inadmissible 31st December 1883

26th June 1883 He again applied to be granted P6 Albany by purchase at the same price Sergeant Tunney had paid (thirty shilling an acre) this time he was advised the application was inadmissible.(31th December 1883)

He applied again in 12th April 1886 this time they took a different approach
Extract from minutes of meeting of the Executive Council held 12th May 1886
“The Council advise that Sergeant Minorgan having for a long period rendered special and extra services on Imperial Accounts, be granted a gratuity of £50 from the same funds which furnished his ordinary pay 13th May 1886”.

Occupation after
Enrolled Pensioner Force:
– Staff Sergeant at the Perth Barracks
– Inspector of Pensioner Cottages
– Imperial Paymaster for the pensioner force in the colony.
Also Drill Instructor to the Metropolitan Rifle Volunteer Corps (MRVC) for a term of nearly six years
Newspaper ArticlesThe West Australian Friday 20th February 1880 page 2 Testimonial for Sergeant Minorgan late of the MR Volunteers
The Western Mail Friday 4th August 1899 page 38 Presentation of Meritorious Service Annuity Medal
The Daily News Thursday 2nd April 1903 page 1 From this article it appears Sergeant Thomas Minorgan was still the paymaster to pensioners in 1903
The Daily News Monday 4th December 1911 page 4 Obituary Thomas
The Daily News Saturday 21st June 1930 page 10 Funeral Notice Catherine
Departure from Western
Not applicable
Date/Place of Death/Burial1st December 1911 Perth Western Australia
Anglican Section Karrakatta Cemetery Western Australia
Will or ProbateWill: SROWA Cons 3403 1912/006 30 Apr 1907. Probate: 15 Jul 1912, Supreme Court of Western Australia.

At the time of his death Thomas’s Major asset was his pensioner allotment 126Y and Y129 on which he had erected four cottages. When he made his will on 30th April 1907 he named his eldest son Robert John Minorgan as the Executor, the witnesses being J.M. Rogers and Frederick Stanley Hill.

The total value of the estate amounted to £1837/19/9.

He bequeathed his sewing machine to his eldest daughter Annie, his watch and chain to his youngest son Edward Patrick, his presentation ring and pipe to his son James and his medals to his youngest daughter Alice.

The first cottage and land on which it stands he left to his daughter Annie, absolutely, the second cottage he left to his daughter Catherine absolutely, the third he left to his wife Catherine (together with his household furniture) for her life directing that after her death it should go to his daughter Alice for her sole and separate use, while the fourth cottage would also go to his wife during her life time but after her death it should become part of his residuary real estate. He then directed that the residue of his real and personal estate including the money on fixed deposit at the National Bank after payment of his funeral and testamentary expenses to be equally divided between his daughters Annie, Catherine and Alice share and share alike.

Further InformationBritish Army Worldwide Index
1861 Re-engaged Sergeant 1st Bn 24th Foot location Chatham
1861 Census RG9 483/57/14 Chatham 1st Depot Barracks
Thomas Minorgan age 29 an army sergeant born Ireland is living with his wife Annie age 20 who was also born Ireland, there are no children included but his brother Robert and his wife and family are also at the barracks.
Discharge due to chronic rheumatism
5th February 1868 Thomas Minorgan was attested for the permanent staff of the Royal Dublin City Militia where he served for 5 years 8 months (259 days).
21st October 1873 discharged at his own request by purchase he being about to immigrate to Australia to fill a government situation
November 1880 Sergeant Minorgan is on the Nominal list for the Enrolled Guard, at the time he is living at the No Barracks Fremantle with his wife and 4 children.
20th May 1881 paid £15 to roof his cottage
27th September 1881 Sergeant Minorgan was advised he will have to resign his position in the Enrolled Guard it he wished to take up the position of Treasury clerk for the payment of pensioners
28th September 1881 resigned Enrolled Guard
Things did not always run smoothly in the Minorgan marriage for in 1885 Thomas inserted in the Daily News (Friday 6th February 1885 page 3) he would no longer be responsible for her debts SROWA Cons 527 1889/3543
3rd December 1889 Perth
To His Excellency the Governor, Sir Napier Broome KCMG
May I humbly beg before you leave the Colony that you will be pleased to cause my names to be placed on the Colonial Staff of Clerks for employment in consideration of my long service as Military Pension clerk under the Honorable The Colonial Treasurer so that I may be enabled to receive some small pension from the Colonial Government when reduced through old age or loss of office.
I am paid my present salary of eight shillings a day out of the 3% commission allowed by the Imperial Government on pension disbursements.
I receive a pension of two shilling a day for past military service of 30 years and that is all I have at present to look to towards my support when past my labour.
I have the Honor to be Sir
Your most humble servant
Thomas Minorgan
Military Pension Clerk
Formerly Colour Sergeant 1/24th regiment
The Colonial Treasurer A O’Grady Lefroy wrote a glowing recommendation regarding Thomas Minorgan 9th December 1889
“I cannot speak too highly of the character and service of Sergeant Minorgan, he has most efficiently assisted me in the duties connected with the payment of military and civil pensioners since I was appointed Imperial paymaster in the Colony. I highly recommend this application for the favourable consideration of the Governor. If His Excellency would be pleased to place on record Sergeant Minorgan’s claim for employment when a fitting opportunity offered at would give me much satisfaction”.24th June 1897 attended Military pensioners banquet
29th July 1899 Sergeant Minorgan was awarded the Meritorious Service Annuity Medal for his long and meritorious service and notable achievements of the 24th regiment during the Crimean War
20th November 1909 attended the Veterans Annual Dinner
Sons Edward and James joined the AIF in WW1
One Good Conduct Badge
Meritorious Service Medal (annuity) 1899.