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BAGG  George   Royal Marines Woolwich Division 76th Company

BAGLEY  Patrick   99th Regiment

BAILEY / BAILY  Job   Royal Marines

BAIN  John   Royal Artillery 11th Battalion

BAKER  Robert   34th Regiment

BALDWIN  John   59th Regiment

BANDY  Thomas   98th Regiment

BANNON  Patrick   50th regiment

BARKER Joseph   6th and 12th Regiment

BARR  Joseph   22nd Regiment

BARR  William   42nd Regiment

BARR / BASS  Robert / John   15th and 81st Regiment

BARRATT / BARRETT  Edward   1st Foot Guards

BARRETT  John   61st Regiment

BARRETT  Richard   Honourable East India Company 2nd European

BARRON  Cornelius   75th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

BARRON  John   58th and 10th Regiment

BARRY  John   25th Regiment

BARRY  John   39th Regiment

BARRY  John   91st Regiment

BARRY  Michael   Honourable East India Company Madras Artillery

BASKERVILLE  John   Honourable East India Company 4th Troop Bombay Horse Artillery

BATEMAN  Edward   8th and 15th Dragoons / Hussars

BATES  George   23rd Regiment

BATES  John   Honourable East India Company 2nd European Regiment

BATLEY / BATELY  Richard   8th and 86th Regiment

BEARD  Daniel   51st and 74th Regiment

BEASLEY / BEESLEY  George   77th Regiment

BEASLEY / BEESLEY  Stephen   40th Regiment

BEATTIE / BATTY  George   25th Regiment

BEECH  Joseph   37th Regiment

BENNETT  John   Honourable East India Company Madras Artillery and Royal Artillery Depot Brigade

BENNETT  Standish O’Grady   10th Regiment

BENSON  Michael   34th Regiment

BENTLEY / BENTLY  John   28th Regiment

BERRYMAN / BERRIMAN  John   Royal Marines

BESWICK / BESWICK / BESTNICK  Frederick   39th Regiment

BETTS  William   13th Light Dragoons

BEW / BEWS  Abraham   73rd Regiment

BEWSHER  William   57th and 20th Regiment 1st Battalion

BIRCH  Thomas   66th Regiment

BIRD John   83rd Regiment

BISHOP  Charles   Royal Marines Portsmouth Division 63rd Company

BISHOP  Thomas   20th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

BLANEY  Thomas   Royal Artillery Coastal Brigade

BLEWER  William   24th Regiment

BLIGHT  William   Royal Marines

BLOOMER  Edward   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery

BLUNDEN / BLUNDON  David   15th Regiment

BOATS  Henry   50th Regiment

BODEN / BODON  Henry   4th Regiment

BOLL  / BALL William   8th Regiment

BOLTON  Joseph   73rd Regiment

BOND  James   17th Regiment

BONNER  John   69th Regiment

BOOTH  Samuel   35th Regiment

BOTT  Charles   63rd Regiment

BOURKE / BURKE  Patrick   52nd Light Infanty

BOYLE  Edward   22nd and 86th Regiment

BOYNE  Thomas   86th Regiment

BOX  Thomas   57th Regiment

BRADLEY  John Alexander   99th Regiment

BRAMLEY / BRAMLY   John 1st Regiment

BRANNAGAN / BRAMAGAN  Charles   95th and 31st Regiment

BRANNAN / BRENNAN / BRANNION   Edward   31st Regiment

BREE  Thomas   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay Fusiliers

BRENNAN  Eugene / Edward   95th Regiment

BRENNAN  Michael   40th Regiment

BRENNAN  Patrick   20th and 6th Regiment

BRINDLEY  Henry   2nd Regiment

BRISTER  Henry   66th Regiment

BRITT  Patrick   87th and 90th Regiment

BRITTON / BRITTAIN  Robert   83rd Regiment

BROADBROOK / BROADHOOK  John   69th Regiment

BROADLEY  James   64th Regiment

BROPHY  James   6th and 41st Regiment

BROWN  Denis   4th Regiment

BROWN  James   Royal Artillery 6th Battery

BROWN  John   Royal Marines

BROWN  John   92nd Regiment

BROWN  Michael   22nd Regiment 1st Battalion

BROWN  Richard   6th Dragoons / Hussars

BROWN  Samuel   52nd and 53rd Regiment

BROWN  Thomas   6th and 17th Regiment

BROWN  William   64th, 17th and 78th Regiment

BROWNE  William   13th Dragoons

BRYAN  Thomas   63rd and 96th Regiment

BRYCE  James   26th Regiment

BUCKLEY  Jeremiah   Honourable East India Company

BUCKLEY  Laurence / Lawrence   25th and 74th Regiment

BUCKLEY  Timothy   61st Regiment

BULL  Edward   24th St Helena Corps and 35th Regiment

BUNTER  Luke   Royal Marines Plymouth Division 75th and 39th Company

BURGESS  William   Rifle Bridge 1st Battalion

BURK / BURKE  Richard   Honourable East India Company 2nd Bombay European Light Infantry and 106th Regiment

BURKE  Patrick Royal Artillery  2nd Battalion

BURNS  William   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery

BURNS / BURNES / BARNES  Andrew   63rd Regiment

BURTON  Henry   54th Regiment

BURTON / BARTON  Edwin / Edward   Honourable East India Company


BUTCHART / BUTCHERT  John   79th Regiment

BUTLER  Thomas  13th and 80th Regiment

BUTLER  Thomas   48th and 3rd Regiment

BUTLER  William   9th Regiment

BUTTERWORTH  Samuel   Royal Artillery 3rd 2nd and 1st Battalion

BUTT  Samuel   75th and 91st Regiment

BYRNE  /  BRYAN  James   14th Light Dragoons and 4th Light Dragoons

BYRNE  Laurence   87th Fusiliers and 12th Regiment

BYRNE  Thomas   40th 31st and 50th Regiment

BYRNE / BURNS William   Honourable East India Company 1st European Infantry 1st Bombay Fusiliers

BYRNE / BURN  Martin   84th Regiment

BYRNE / BYRN  John   45th Regiment and Cape Mounted Rifles