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HACKETT / HACKET  Owen / Onifred   47th Regiment Depot

HAGAN  Denis   97th Regiment

HAINES  John   87th Regiment

HALL  Charles   Honourable East India Company

HALL  John   10th Regiment 16th Lancers and 3rd Light Dragoons

HALL  William   78th Regiment

HALL  Wilson   77th Regiment

HAMILTON  George   Royal Artillery 6th Battery

HAMILTON  James   65th Regiment

HAMILTON  John   97th Regiment

HAMMOND / HAMMONDS  Thomas   80th Regiment

HANCOCK  David   45th Regiment

HANLEY / HANLY  Edward   65th Regiment

HANLEY / HANLY / HUNLY  William   55th Regiment

HANNON / HANNAN  Patrick   99th and 95th Regiment

HARDMAN / HERDMAN  William   Royal Artillery 5th Invalid Battery

HARDY  John   77th Regiment

HARRICKS / HORROCKS   Samuel   21st Regiment

HARRIS  John   5th Regiment

HARRIS  John   97th Regiment 1st Battalion

HARRIS  Thomas   40th Regiment

HARRIS  William   Royal Marines

HARRIS / HARRISS  William   39th and 53rd Regiment

HART  Patrick   51st Regiment

HATFIELD  George   Royal Marines Woolwich Division 16th Company

HAWKINS  John   Royal Artillery 2nd Battery

HAY  James   Honourable East India Company Madras Horse Artillery  88th and 12th Regiment 1st Battalion

HAYDEN / HEYDEN / HAYDON  James   10th Regiment

HAYES  Edward   60th Rifles

HAYES  Joseph   Honourable East India Company 2nd Bombay European Light Infantry

HAYES  Patrick   10th Regiment

HAYES / HAYS  John   Honourable East India Company 3rd Troop 2nd Brigade Artillery

HAYNES  Samuel   17th Regiment

HAYTER – Thomas Royal Marine Portsmouth 2nd Division

HAYWARD  Thomas   Royal Marines

HEALY  Thomas   11th Regiment

HEALY / HALEY  Patrick   20th Regiment

HEARN / HEARNS  Patrick   77th Regiment

HEATHCOTE  Isaac   Rifle Brigade 1st and 2nd Battalion

HEVRON / HEFFERNAN  Denis   15th Regiment

HELLIWELL / HOLLYWELL  Robert   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery 5th Battalion

HENDERSON  Richard   Honourable East India Company Bombay Artillery

HENNESSY  Richard   37th Regiment

HENTHORN / HINTHORN  John   81st Regiment

HEPBURN  David   42nd Regiment 1st Battalion

HEPNEY / HEAPHY / HEAPHEY / HEAPLEY  John   Honourable East India Company

HERBERT  Henry   Royal African Colonial Regiment and Royal Newfoundland Veteran Company

HERLIHY / HURLIHY / HERLEHEY  Thomas   84th Regiment

HERRICK / HERRICKS / HARRICK  Patrick   73rd and 81st Regiment

HEVERAN / HEVERON / HEVERAM  John   80th Regiment

HEXTALL  William   46th 45th and 24th Regiment

HICKEY  Patrick   28th and 86th Regiment

HIGGINS  Hugh   Royal Artillery 14th Depot

HIGGINS  William   38th Regiment

HILL  Robert   80th 39th 9th and 24th Regiment

HILL  William   63rd Regiment

HILLYAR / HILLIEAR  James / William   48th Regiment

HITCHCOCK  John   25th Regiment

HOBBS  Abraham  76th Regiment

HODGSON  James   94th Regiment

HOGAN  Stephen   17th Regiment

HOGAN  Thomas   14th Regiment 1st Battalion

HOGAN / HAGAN  Patrick Joseph   30th 47th and 33rd Depot Regiment

HOLGATE  Robert   Royal Artillery 2nd Battery

HOLIDAY / HOLLIDAY  William   63rd Regiment

HOLLOWAY  John   62nd Regiment

HOLLYWOOD  Thomas   69th and 28th Regiment

HOLMAN  William   81st Regiment

HOOPER  Thomas   89th Regiment

HOPE  William   Rifle Brigade 2nd Battalion

HOPPER  Martin   28th and 86th Regiment

HORGAN  Cornelius   Royal Artillery Depot

HORRIGAN / HONIGAN  Jeremiah   66th Regiment and 1st Battalion 5th Fusiliers

HOULAHAN / HULLIHAN  John   30th Regiment

HOUSTON / HOWSTON  William Russell   89th Regiment

HOWARD  Michael   10th Regiment

HOWE Robert 18th and 51st Regiment

HOWES  William   54th Regiment

HUBBLE  John   32nd Regiment

HUBBLE  William   32nd Regiment

HUDSON  Patrick   28th Regiment

HUDSON  Samuel   17th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

HUGHES  Evan   Royal Artillery 2nd Battery

HUGHES  James   28th Regiment

HUGHES  Edward William   51st and 74th Regiment

HUGHES  Patrick   84th Regiment and 2nd Battalion 60th Rifles

HUGHES  Thomas   Honourable East India Company Bombay Ordinance Dept

HULME  Robert   9th Regiment

HUNT  James   Royal Marines Portsmouth Division 60th Company

HUNT  James   10th Regiment

HUNTER  Michael   61st Regiment

HURLEY  John   54th and 87th Regiment

HUSSEY  Edward   36th Regiment

HUSTON  Arthur   Royal Artillery Invalid Battery

HUTCHISON  Richard   93rd Regiment

HYLAND  John   37th Regiment

HYLAND / HEYLAND  John Francis   87th Regiment