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GAFFNEY  George   13th Light Dragoons

GAILY / GAILEY  David   18th Regiment

GALBRAITH / GILBREATH  William   89th Regiment

GALE  Thomas   11th Regiment

GALE  William   22nd Regiment

GALLAGHER  John   31st Regiment

GALLAGHER  John   41st Regiment

GALLAGHER  John   92nd Regiment

GALLAGHER  Patrick   Royal Artillery 7th Battery

GALLAGHER  Patrick   1st 13th and 80th Regiment

GALLAGHER  Peter   3rd Regiment

GANDELL / GANDLE  Henry Benjamin   36th Regiment

GANE / GAME  Charles   17th Regiment

GANE  Henry   Royal Marine Portsmouth Division 54th Company

GANLEY  John   68th Regiment

GARDINER / GARDNER  John   Honourable East India Company 3rd European Regiment

GARDINER  John   64th Regiment

GARDINER  Thomas   91st and 79th Regiment

GARDNER / GARDINER  Thomas   48th Regiment

GARISH / GARICH / GARRISH  Henry   4th and 8th Regiment

GAUNT  William   31st Regiment

GEDDES  William   72nd Regiment

GEDDINGS / GIDDINGS  George   28th and 61st Regiment

GEORGE  William Ralph   Honourable East India Company

GERAGHTY  Daniel   86th Regiment

GIBBS  Alfred   Royal Horse Artillery

GIBSON George Royal Artillery (died on voyage of the Robert Small)

GIFFNEY / GIFFENEY  Michael   19th Regiment

GILBERTSON  William   62nd Regiment

GILBRIDE / GILBRIDGE  John   88th Regiment

GILL  James   Honourable East India Company 1st Bengal European Fusiliers

GILMORE  William   94th and 96th Regiment

GILMORE / GILMOR  Joseph   8th Regiment

GLADSTONE GLADSTON  Robert   1st Foot Guards

GLASGOW  William   Royal Artillery 6th Battery

GLASSEN / GLASHEN / GLUSHEN / GLUSHON  Edward   62nd Regiment

GLASSON  Cornelius   58th Regiment

GLEESON  David   37th Regiment

GLOVER  Edward   Royal Marines

GOGGINS  Thomas   47th Regiment

GOLDING  William   Royal Horse Artillery

GOOCH  Frederick   94th 97th and 53rd Regiment

GOOD  William   94th 18th 94th Regiment and Falkland Island Corps

GOODALL / GOODHALL  Edmond   80th Regiment

GOODBODY  Matthew   43rd and 29th Regiment

GOODMAN  John   1st Regiment

GORDON  Andrew   40th Regiment

GORDON  James   Royal Artillery 8th 2nd 10th Battery

GORMAN  James   13th Regiment

GORMAN  John   50th Regiment

GRADY  Thomas   99th and 4th Regiment

GRAHAM  Edward   98th Regiment

GRAHAM  James   7th Regiment

GRAHAM  Michael   86th Regiment

GRANT  George   Honourable East India Company

GRANT  James   89th Regiment

GRATTAN / GRATTEN / GRATTON  John   49th Regiment

GRAY  Simeon / Simon   4th Dragoon Guards

GRAY / GREY  David   Royal Artillery 6th Brigade

GREEN  Edward   18th Regiment

GREEN  Walter   3rd Foot Guards

GREENHILL  Samuel   45th Regiment

GREER / GREEN  John   57th and 77th Regiment

GREGORY  John   27th Regiment

GREGORY  Kilner   39th and 78th Regiment

GREIG  James   71st Regiment

GRICE  Joseph   78th Regiment and 14th Light Dragoons

GRIFFIN  James   33rd Regiment

GRIFFIN  James   59th Regiment

GRIFFIN  Owen   9th Regiment

GRIFFIN / GRIFFEN   Patrick   41st Regiment

GRIFFIN / GRIFFINS  Thomas   50th and 95th Regiment

GUERIN  Henry   Honourable East India Company

GUINAN / GOINA  Valentine   46th Regiment

GURNEY  Patrick   65th 74th 52nd 23rd and 17th Regiment