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SALMON  John   63rd Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

SAMPY / SAMFRY  Michael   56th Regiment

SARGENT  William   17th Dragoons

SAVAGE  William   29th Regiment

SAVILE / SAVILLE  William   95th Regiment

SCANLAN / SCANLON  Frederick John Burke  Royal Artillery 11th Battalion

SCANLON / SCANLAN  Stephen   49th and 87th Regiment

SCANNELL  John   27th Regiment

SCOTT  James   16th Regiment

SCULL  James   Honourable East India Company Madras Artillery

SEERY / SEEREY / SHERRY  John   6th 43rd and 10th Regiment 2nd Battalion

SELFF  William   52nd Regiment

SEWARD / SEAWARD  Charles   4th Regiment

SHAFTER / SHAPTER  Thomas   60th Rifles

SHAUGHNESSY / SHAUGHNESSEY  Thomas   88th and 82nd Regiment

SHAW  William   Royal Artillery Depot Battery

SHAW  William   2nd Foot Guards 1st and 2nd Battalion

SHEA  Patrick   77th Regiment

SHEA / O’SHEA  Timothy   37th Regiment

SHEEHAN / SHEHAN / SHEAN  Patrick   53rd Regiment

SHEIL / SHIEL Michael   61st Regiment

SHEMELS / SHEMELDS / SEMELDS  Benjamin   73rd Regiment

SHEPPARD  Henry   35th Regiment

SHEPPARD  William   Royal Artillery 12th Battery

SHERIDAN  Bernard   34th and 47th Regiment

SHIELDS  Leslie   Royal Artillery 7th Battery

SHINNERS aka GLEESON  Daniel   Honourable East India Company 1st European Fusiliers

SHORE  William Henry   2nd Dragoons

SIBBALD  William   72nd Regiment

SIGSTON / STIGSONS / SIGATON  Charles Vere   16th Lancers

SIMCOX / SIMCROIX  Philip   90th Regiment

SIMMS / SIMS  John   76th Regiment

SIMPSON  James   13th Regiment

SIMPSON  William   92nd Regiment

SINCLAIR  David   Royal Marines Chatham Division 13th Company

SKILLEN / SKILLING  John   5th Regiment

SLATTERY  John   48th Regiment

SLAVEN / SLAVIN  James   25th and 34th Regiment

SLY  Robert   14th Regiment

SMALL  Hugh   81st and 61st Regiment

SMITH  Charles   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay Fusiliers and 103rd Regiment

SMITH  Hugh   45th and 6th Regiment

SMITH  Isaac   12th Regiment

SMITH  James   4th Light Dragoons

SMITH  James   34th 8th 30th Regiment and Newfoundland Veterans

SMITH  John   19th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

SMITH  John   21st Regiment

SMITH  Thomas   41st Regiment

SMITH  William   50th Regiment

SMITH  William Pugh   12th Regiment

SMITH / SMYTH  James   99th Regiment

SMITH / SMYTH  Joseph   Honourable East India Company Madras Artillery and Royal Artillery 17th Brigade

SNOWELL  Michael   62nd Regiment

SOUTHRON  Thomas   3rd Light Dragoons and 7th Hussars

SPRANKLIN / SPRANKLING  James Thomas   90th and 91st Regiment

STANFIELD / STARFIELD  Charles   Honourable East India Company Bombay Artillery


STANLEY  Thomas   6th Regiment 1st Battalion Depot

STANTON  Edward   33rd Regiment

STAPLES  William  Royal Artillery 8th Battalion 3rd Company and Invalid Battalion

STARK James   9th Regiment

STARKEY  Peter   41st Regiment

STEEL / STEELE  James   Royal Artillery 4th Battery

STEELE  James Henry   89th Regiment

STEVENS  James   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery

STEWART / STUART  Daniel   76th Regiment

STEWART  Thomas   91st 53rd and 87th Regiment

STOKES  John   63rd Regiment

STOKES  Michael   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery

STOKES  William   30th Regiment

STONE  Frederick / Fredrick   46th Regiment

STONE  James   40th Regiment

STONE  William   60th Rifles 1st Battalion

STRATTON  George   Royal Artillery Coastal Brigade

STRETCH  Charles   45th Regiment

STRETTON  James   99th Regiment

STRONGMAN  John   16th Lancers and 3rd Light Dragoons

SULLIVAN  Daniel   82nd Regiment

SULLIVAN  John   39th and 10th Regiment

SULLIVAN  John   45th 15th 33rd and 15th Regiment 1st Battalion

SULLIVAN  Joseph   Honourable East India Company

SULLIVAN  Joseph   19th Regiment

SULLIVAN  Patrick   95th Regiment

SULLIVAN  Timothy   48th Regiment

SULLIVAN Timothy unknown regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

SUTCLIFFE  Richard   50th Regiment

SUTHERLAND  Alexander   24th Regiment

SUTTON  Samuel   Royal Marines Chatham Division 37th and 89th Company

SUTTON  William   24th Regiment

SWEENEY  Hugh   11th Regiment

SWEENEY  Terrence   86th and 98th Regiment

SWEENEY / SWEENY  Alexander   Royal Artillery Invalid Detachment

SWEENEY / SWEENY  John   67th and 19th Regiment

SWIFT  George   88th Regiment

SWIFT  William   84th Regiment

SYFAS / SYLAS / PIGEON  Daniel / David   14th Regiment