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KAIN  Bernard   29th Regiment

KAIREY  John   33rd and 84th Regiment

KAVANAGH  Edward  85th Regiment

KEAN / KAIN / KEEN  William   16th and 88th Regiment

KEARNEY  John   63rd Regiment

KEARNS / KEARNES  William   74th Regiment

KEAUGHRAN  Edward   Royal Artillery 2nd Battalion

KEEFE  John   7th Regiment

KEELY / KELLY  Michael   17th Regiment

KEENAN  James   1st Regiment 2nd Battalion

KEESHAN / KEESHAM Michael   49th Regiment

KEHOE  John   48th Regiment Depot

KELLINGTON  Edward   96th 43rd and 87th Regiment

KELLY  Bernard   34th and 25th Regiment

KELLY  Edward   4th Regiment 1st Battalion

KELLY  Henry   13th 80th and 70th Regiment

KELLY  James   58th Regiment

KELLY  Jeremiah   86th Regiment

KELLY  John   41st Regiment

KELLY  Joseph Plunkett   12th Regiment

KELLY  Patrick   33rd Regiment

KELLY  Thomas   Honourable East India Company 2nd Bombay Artillery

KELLY  Thomas   10th Regiment 1st Battalion

KELLY  Thomas   83rd Regiment

KENNEDY  James   87th Regiment

KENNEDY  Michael   48th Regiment

KENNEDY  Timothy   54th Regiment

KENNEY / KENNY  James   10th 64th and 75th Regiment

KENNY  John   90th Regiment

KENNY / KENNEY  Michael   24th Regiment

KERR  John   33rd and 84th Regiment

KERR  William Archibald   26th and 7th Regiment

KIERNAN / KEARNON / KEARNAN  Michael   Honourable East India Company and Royal Horse Artillery

KILGALLON  Michael   12th Regiment 1st Battalion Depot

KILLEN / KILLIN  William   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay Fusiliers and 103rd Regiment

KILMURRY / KILMURRAY  Patrick   59th and 3rd Regiment

KILNER  James   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery and Royal Artillery 25th Brigade

KILPATRICK  Daniel   92nd Regiment

KINCH  John   1st Foot Guards

KING  William   Royal Artillery 7th Battalion

KINGDOM / KINGDON  John   43rd Regiment

KINNIARD / KINNEARD  James Robert   45th 39th and 50th Regiment

KIRBY  Richard   84th Regiment

KIRK  Francis   Royal Artillery 8th Battalion

KIRWAN  John   63rd and 30th Regiment

KNOCTON  George   50th Regiment

KNOX  James   21st Regiment