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FAHEY  Darby   Honourable East India Company Bengal Invalid Battalion

FAHEY  James   9th Regiment

FAHEY  Patrick   78th and 71st Regiment

FAIRBROTHER  Samuel   38th 31st and 29th Regiment

FAIRGRIEVE  Richard   71st Regiment

FALLASSY / FALLASSEY  Peter   2nd Regiment

FALLON / FALLEN  James   95th 20th and 54th Regiment

FANNON  Patrick   67th and 99th Regiment

FARLEY / FAHEY  Edward   Honourable East India Company Bengal Infantry

FARMER John   74th Regiment

FARMER  Peter   9th and 98th Regiment

FARRELL  James   40th Regiment

FARRELL  John   21st Regiment

FARRELL  John   28th 22nd and 43rd Regiment

FARRELL  Laurence   Honourable East India Company Invalid Battalion

FARRELL  Michael   99th and 77th Regiment

FARRELL  Patrick   26th and 88th Regiment

FARRINGDON / FARRINGTON Frederick James   2nd Regiment

FARROW  Thomas   45th Regiment

FAWL  Andrew   12th Regiment

FAY  Henry   45th and 6th Regiment

FEGAN  Michael   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay European Fusiliers

FELTHAM  James Frederick Octavius   65th Regiment

FENNELL  Michael   59th Regiment

FENNESSEY  John   96th 53rd and 94th Regiment

FENTON  Joseph   28th Regiment

FERGUSON  James   84th Regiment

FIELD  James   13th Light Dragoons

FINLAY  William   78th and 97th Regiment

FINNIGAN / FINIGAN  James   9th Regiment

FINNIGAN  Thomas   68th Regiment and Army Hospital Corps

FISHER  John   74th Regiment

FITZCHARLES  Charles   74th Regiment

FITZGERALD  James   12th Regiment 2nd Battalion

FITZGERALD  Michael   40th Regiment

FITZMAURICE  Lewis   1st Dragoons

FITZPATRICK  Bernard   6th Dragoons

FITZPATRICK  Michael   Honourable East India Company 2nd Regiment and 103rd Regiment

FITZPATRICK  Thomas   59th and 12th Regiment 2nd Battalion

FLAHERTY  Matthew   40th Regiment

FLANAGAN  Patrick   69th and 25th Regiment

FLANAGAN  Richard   87th Regiment

FLEMING  Douglas   91st Regiment

FLEMING  John   22nd Regiment

FLEMING / FLEMMING  William   91st and 27th Regiment

FLOOD  William   69th and 84th Regiment

FLYNN  Denis   12th and 53rd Regiment

FLYNN  James   99th and 40th Regiment

FLYNN  John   St. Helena Artillery Corps

FLYNN  John   3rd and 49th Regiment

FLYNN  John   39th Regiment

FLYNN  Patrick   64th Regiment

FOGARTY / FOGARTE  Patrick   58th Regiment

FOLEY  John   88th Regiment

FOOT / FOOTE  Joseph   76th Regiment

FORAN  John   Honourable East India Company

FORBES  James   77th Regiment

FORDE / FORD  John   28th Regiment

FORDHAM  Charles Edmund   80th Regiment

FORSYTHE  Ambrose   81st Regiment

FORTESCUE / FORTESQUE  William   54th Regiment

FOSTER  John   15th Regiment

FOWLER  Edward   Royal Marines Portsmouth Division 58th Company

FOX  David   12th Regiment

FRANCIS  George   Royal Marines Woolwich Division 12th Company

FRASER  Henry John   98th Regiment

FRASER  John   92nd Regiment

FREEMAN  John   85th Regiment

FREEMAN  Joseph   59th Regiment

FULLER  William   37th Regiment