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RADFORD  Edward / Edwin   Honourable East India Company 2nd Bombay Fusiliers and 104th Regiment

RALSTON / ROLSTON  James   8th Regiment 1st Battalion

RAMSAY  Robert   Royal Artillery 9th Battery

RANDALL / RANDELL  Thomas   Rifle Brigade 1st and 2nd Battalion

RAWSON  William   19th Regiment

RAY  Thomas   50th Regiment

REANEY  Patrick   36th 1st Battalion and 95th 2nd Battalion Regiment

REARDON / REANON  Michael   67th 65th and 1st Regiment

REDDAWAY  Henry Blackmore   Royal Marines Plymouth Division 11th 27th and 61st Company

REDDIN  John   21st Regiment

REDDIN / REDDEN  Michael   61st Regiment

REDFORD  Joseph   47th Regiment

REDMOND  Felix   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery

REDMOND  Michael   Honourable East India Company 2nd European Light Infantry and Royal Artillery 18th Brigade

REDMOND  Patrick   Honourable East India Company Bengal Horse Artillery

REED  Samuel   73rd Regiment

REEVES  Josiah   Royal Marines Chatham Division 17th Company

REID / REED  John   99th Regiment

REILLY / RIELLY  Joseph   46th Regiment

REILLY  Michael   Honourable East India Company 2nd Bombay European Regiment

REILLY  Patrick   64th Regiment

REILLY  Patrick   75th and 32nd Regiment

REILLY / RIELY  John   57th Regiment

REILLY / RILEY  Patrick   16th Regiment 2nd Battalion

REYNOLDS  Joseph   43rd Regiment Light Infantry

REYNOLDS  Patrick   84th Regiment

RICE  Matthew   74th Regiment and Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion

RICHARDSON  John   60th Regiment 1st Battalion Depot

RICHARDSON  Robert   13th and 10th Regiment

RICHARDSON  William   97th 83rd Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

RICKEY  Walter  63rd Regiment

RING  Mark   40th and 28th Regiment

RINGWOOD  Jeffery   13th and 58th Regiment

RISEAM  William   Royal Marines Chatham Division 59th 95th and 13th Company

RITCHIE / RITCHEY  Matthew   41st Regiment

ROACH  Michael   83rd and 86th Regiment

ROBARTS / ROBERTS  Richard   50th and 24th Regiment

ROBB  William   92nd 42nd Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

ROBERTS / ROBARTS  Jacob   Royal Artillery 2nd Battalion

ROBERTS / ROBARTS  James   16th Lancers

ROBERTS / ROBARTS  John   31st Regiment

ROBERTSON  Robert   99th and 12th Regiment

ROBINSON  John   9th Regiment

ROBINSON  Thomas   Royal Artillery Depot Brigade

ROCHE / ROACH  Edward   6th 1st Battalion and 34th Regiment

ROFFEY  Richard   40th and 59th Regiment

ROGERS  Mark Dore   83rd Regiment

ROLSTON / RALSTON   James   8th Regiment 1st Battalion

RONAN  Thomas   58th Regiment

ROONEY  Henry   15th Regiment

ROONEY  John   29th 47th and 81st Regiment

ROURKE  James   27th Regiment

ROWE  William   16th Regiment

RUBERY / REUBERY  Michael   82nd 91st Regiment and Cape Mounted Rifles

RUDD  John   57th Regiment

RUDDOCK / RUDDUCK / BUDDOCK  George   2nd Foot Guards

RUSH  James / John  88th Regiment

RUSSELL  William   4th Regiment

RUTLEY  George   Royal Artillery 6th Battalion 11th and 14th Brigade

RYAN  James   16th Dragoons / Lancers

RYAN  Patrick   46th Regiment

RYAN  Stephen   2nd Regiment

RYAN  Thomas   60th Rifles

RYAN  William   61st Regiment

RYDER / RIDER  Thomas   Royal Marines