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O’BRIEN / BRIEN  Daniel   65th Regiment

O’BRIEN  John   59th Regiment

O’BRIEN  Kennedy   Honourable East India Company Bombay Artillery and Bengal Artillery

O’BRIEN  Timothy   89th and 87th Regiment

O’BRIEN / O’BRYAN  Michael   60th Rifles

O’BYREN / O’BEIRNE / O’BYRNE  James   51st Regiment

O’BYRNE / O’BRYNE  Patrick   86th 32nd and 12th Regiment

O’CONNELL  Daniel   2nd and 6th Dragoon Guards

O’CONNOR  John   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery

O’CONNOR  John   4th Dragoon Guards

O’CONNOR  John   22nd and 21st Regiment

O’CONNOR  Patrick   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay European Fusiliers

O’DEA  Martin   41st Regiment

O’HANLON  Hugh   57th Regiment

O’KEEFE / O’KEEFFE  Michael   37th Regiment

O’KEEFE / O’KEEFF  Moses   44th Regiment

O’LOUGHLIN / McLOUGHLIN  Michael   88th Regiment

O’PREY / OPRAY  Robert   20th Regiment 1st Battalion

O’REILLY / O’REILY  Philip   80th Regiment

OAKLEY  Charles Thomas   Royal Marines Portsmouth Division 16th and 42nd Company

OAKS  William   46th Regiment

OATEN / OATES Samuel   13th Regiment

ODGERS  John   85th Regiment

OLIVER  Stephen   6th Dragoons

OLIVER  William Henry   31st Regiment

OSMOND  Edward / Samuel   Royal Marines Plymouth Division 47th Company

OSTERMAYOR / OSTERMAYNER  Frederick   20th Regiment

O’TOOLE / TOOLE  Felix   86th Regiment

OWENS  Patrick   12th Regiment