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DAIN / DEAN  James   47th Regiment

DALY  Thaddeus / Thady   25th Regiment

DALY / DAILY / DAILEY  James   Royal Artillery 6th Brigade

DALY / DALEY / DAILEY  Michael   10th Regiment

DALY / DALEY  Richard   Honourable East India Company Bombay Artillery 1st Battery

DALTON  John   87th Regiment

DALTON  Timothy   84th Regiment

DANFORD  Peter   Royal Horse Artillery

DANIEL  Richard   16th 61st  98th and 35th Regiment

DANIELS  Hugh   61st and 98th Regiment

DARLEY  John   Honourable East India Company 1st Brigade Horse Artillery

DAVENPORT / DEVONPORT  Thomas   Royal Marines

DAVEY  Henry   Royal Marines

DAVEY  William   50th Regiment

DAVIDSON  Archibald   25th Regiment

DAVIDSON  James   1st and 82nd Regiment

DAVIES / DAVIS  Daniel   Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion

DAVIES / DAVIS  William   51st Regiment

DAVIS  Daniel   40th and 23rd Regiment

DAVIS  John Law   Honourable East India Company

DAVIS / DAVIES  Isaac   69th Regiment

DAVIS  William   13th and 80th Regiment

DAY  John   31st Regiment

DEADMAN / DEDMAN / DUDMAN   John William   69th and 2nd Regiment

DELANEY  Michael   89th Regiment

DELANEY  William   4th Regiment 1st Battalion

DELANEY / DELANY  Edward   82nd and 97th Regiment

DENMAN  John   Royal Marines Chatham Division 85th Company

DEVANY / DEVANEY  Edward   27th Regiment

DEVITT  Hugh   9th Regiment

DEVLIN  Felix   86th Regiment

DICKENSON / DICKINSON  James   Honourable East India Company

DIGNAN / DIGNAM / DIGNUN  John   4th Light Dragoons and 17th Lancers

DINEEN / DENEEN  Edward   Royal Artillery Depot Brigade

DINNING  James   Rifle Brigade

DITCH  David   56th Regiment

DOIL / DOYLE  William   Royal Marines Chatham Division 41st and 45th Company

DOLAN  Patrick   47th Regiment

DONEGAN / DOONACAN / DRONOCAN   John   21st Regiment

DONNELLAN / DONLAN  William   31st Regiment

DONNELLY  John   4th and 51st Regiment

DONNELLY  Patrick / Thomas Patrick   46th Regiment

DONOGHUE  Timothy Honourable East India Company 101st Regiment Bengal

DONOHUE / DONAHUE  Roderick   68th Regiment

DONOVAN  John   39th Regiment

DOODY  John   95th Regiment

DORAN  Bryan / Brian   3rd and 49th Regiment

DORAN  Joseph   83rd Regiment

DORAN / DORNAN  James   26th Regiment

DOTSON  James   7th and 2nd Dragoon Guards

DOUGHERTY  Peter   8th Regiment 1st Battalion

DOWN / DOWNS  William   14th Light Dragoons

DOYLE  John   13th and 55th Regiment

DOYLE  Joseph – Canadian Royal Rifles, 25th, 42nd and  30th

DUCHAM / DUEHAM / DUEHAN  Jeremiah   34th Regiment

DULLARD / DULLART  Nicholas   57th Regiment

DULSTON / DUNSON / DULSTONE  John   80th Regiment

DUNBAR  George   92nd 78th and 92nd Regiment

DUNCAN  Henry   73rd Regiment

DUNLOP  Robert   Royal Artillery 4th or 10th Battery

DUNLOP  William   1st Regiment

DUNN / DUNNE  John   84th Regiment

DUNN / DUNNE   Patrick   4th Light Dragoons

DUNN / DUNNE  George   47th and 13th Regiment 2nd Battalion

DUNN / DUNNE  William   41st and 3rd Regiment

DUNNE  Edward   4th Regiment

DURNIN  James / John   38th Regiment

DUTHIE  John   95th Regiment

DUTTON  Joseph   Royal Artillery 6th Battalion 3rd Brigade

DYSART  Hugh   21st Regiment