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ABBOTT  Patrick   18th Regiment

ADAMS  Thomas   5th Regiment

ADLAM  James   8th Regiment

AHERN  John   68th Regiment

AHERN  Michael   17th and 8th Regiment

AINSWORTH  William   Royal Artillery 6th Battery

ALCOCK  Andrew   4th Regiment

ALLEN  Arthur   Royal Artillery 7th 6th 8th and 10th Battery Depot Brigade

ALLEN  William   13th Regiment

ALLEN / ALLAN  John   42nd Regiment

ALLS  John   20th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

ANDERSON  Edward   12th Regiment

ANDERSON  Francis   18th Regiment 1st and 2nd Battalion

ANDERSON  Hugh   73rd and 30th Regiment

ANDERSON  James   Royal Horse Artillery

ANDERSON  Thomas   44th Regiment

ANGUS/AGNUS  James   Royal Horse Artillery

ANNEAR / ANNAR Samuel   Royal Sappers and Miners

APPLEBEE  Thomas   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay European Fusiliers

ARBUCKLE  John  aka  AITKEN  Henry Honourable East India Company Bengal Horse Artillery

ARCHER  John   Honourable East India Company Bengal Infantry

ARMITAGE  William   68th Regiment

ARMSTRONG  Alexander   42nd Regiment

ARMSTRONG  James   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery 3rd Battalion and Royal Artillery 19th Brigade

ARNOLD Thomas   81st Regiment

ARNOTT  Robert   50th Regiment

ARTHURS  Joseph   99th Regiment

ASH  Abraham    64th Regiment

ATKINSON  John   2nd Dragoons

ATKINSON  Robert   87th Regiment

ATKINSON  William   94th Regiment

ATTWOOD  Edwin   66th Regiment

AUSTIN  James   Royal Marines