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TAAFFE / TAAFE  Francis   22nd Regiment 1st Battalion

TANSEY  Patrick   73rd Regiment

TARGETT  John   Honourable East India Company Bombay Artillery

TAYLOR  James   2nd Regiment

TAYLOR  John  12th and 9th Lancers 3rd Bengal European Cavalry and 21st Hussars

TAYLOR  Joseph   2nd Dragoon Guards

TEAGUE  Thomas   56th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

TEAPLAR  James   37th Regiment

TEED  William   Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion

TELFORD  James   Royal Artillery 1st Battalion

THACKER  James   1st Regiment 2nd Battalion

THOMPSON  Robert   Royal Artillery 2nd Battalion Depot Brigade

THOMPSON  William   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery

THOMPSON  William   20th Regiment

THORNTON  James   16th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

THROSSELL  Michael   17th Dragoons / Lancers

TIERNEY – Edward 27th Regiment and New South Wales Veteran Corps

TIERNEY / TEARNEY  Matthew   57th Regiment

TOBIN  John   6th 40th and 29th Regiment

TONRY / TOAMY / TOMY  William   19th Regiment

TOOHEY / TOOKEY  Michael   Honourable East India Company 2nd European Regiment

TOOHILL / TOOTILL  James Mathias or John  69th and 63rd Regiment

TOOLE / O’TOOLE  Felix   86th Regiment

TOOLE  Patrick   62nd and 29th Regiment

TOPPING  William   37th Regiment

TORNEY / TORNAY  Richard   48th 1st Battalion and 41st Regiment

TOWERS / TORVEIS  Peter   Royal Marines Chatham Division 73rd Company

TRACEY  John   18th Regiment

TRACEY  Thomas   86th Regiment

TRACEY / TRASEY  Joseph   Royal Artillery 2nd Battery


TRAVERS  John   Royal Artillery 4th Brigade

TRAYHOURN / TRAYHORNE  Richard   96th Regiment

TRETT / TRETTS / TRETS  Robert   96th Regiment

TRUEMAN  John   86th and 64th Regiment

TUBBS  Joseph   40th Regiment

TUITE  Richard   Honourable East India Company Bombay 2nd European Light Infantry

TULLY  Bartholomew   81st Regiment

TULLY  Brian / Bryan   32nd Regiment

TUNNEY  John   80th Regiment

TUOHILL / DAVIS  Matthias I. / John   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery 2nd Brigade

TURNER  George   Rifle Brigade Depot

TURNER  John   35th Regiment

TURNER  John   70th and 71st Regiment

TURNER  John   90th Regiment

TURNER  William   28th and 78th Regiment