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PAYNE / PAIN  John   40th Regiment

PALMER  Charles Henry   70th Regiment

PALMER  George   99th Regiment

PARKE  James   7th Regiment

PARKER  George   Honourable East India Company Bombay Horse Artillery

PARKER  Ninnian / Ninian   78th Regiment

PEACOCK  Gough / George   40th Regiment

PARKINSON  Nathaniel   89th Depot Regiment

PARSONS  Richard   4th Regiment

PATERSON  John   Royal Artillery 2nd Battion

PEDIE  James   71st Regiment


PERKINS  Job   5th and 25th Regiment

PERSSE /  PIESSE John   74th Regiment

PHIBBS  William   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay Fusiliers

PHILLIPS  Henry   77th Regiment and Rifle Brigade

PICKERING  Joseph   Rifle Brigade

PIDGEON  George   62nd Regiment

PIKE  Thomas   62nd and 53rd Regiment

PILCHER / PELCHER  William   50th Regiment

PIMLOTT  Richard William   Royal Artillery 7th Battalion

PINDER  Enoch   20th Regiment

PLACKETT / PLASKETH  Samuel   8th Regiment Depot

POLKINGHORNE  Humphrey   6th Dragoons

POLLETT / POLLITT  Thomas   50th Regiment

PORTER  Henry   10th 81st and 107th Regiment

PORTLOCK aka JONES  Henry   1st Regiment

POWER  John   Honourable East India Company 2nd Bombay European

POWER  John   96th Regiment and Army Staff

POWER  Michael   3rd Regiment 2nd Battalion

PRATT  John   98th and 24th Regiment

PRATT  Richard   24th Regiment

PRESTON  John   17th Regiment

PRIME  John   Royal Artillery 11th Battery

PTOLEMY  Andrew Joseph   9th 80th and 79th Regiment

PURCELL  William   47th Regiment

PURTILL / PURTELL  William   78th 21st and 32nd Regiment

PURVIS  William   60th Rifles 2nd Battalion