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LALLY / MALLEY  Thomas   15th Regiment 1st Battalion Army Hospital Corps and 15th Regiment

LAMB / LAMBE  Thomas Henry   Honourable East India Company 1st European Regiment

LAMBE / LAMB  Patrick   21st and 89th Regiment

LATHAM  John   42nd Regiment

LATIMER  William   24th and 7th Regiment

LAUGHLIN / LAUGHLAN / McLAUGHLIN  William   96th and 83rd Regiment

LAVERY  John   48th Regiment

LAWRIE  John   45th and 27th Regiment

LEAHEY / LEAHY / LEALY / LAKEY  Redmond   37th Regiment

LEARY / O’LEARY  Daniel   48th and 57th Regiment

LEARY  Patrick   95th and 46th Regiment

LEE  George   77th Regiment

LEE  Patrick   41st Regiment

LEIGHTON  John   6th Dragoons

LENNOX  William   77th Regiment

LILLIS / LELLIS  John   69th Regiment

LILLIS / LELLIS  Stephen   25th and 69th Regiment

LINDSAY  George   47th Regiment

LINDSAY  Robert   69th and 2nd Regiment

LING  John   2nd Foot Guards and 8th Regiment

LISLE  James   66th Regiment

LITTON  John Philip   38th Regiment

LLOYD  Thomas   99th Regiment

LOCKE  William Reuben   6th and 57th Regiment

LOGG  Daniel  42nd Regiment

LOTON  Robert   58th Regiment

LUCAS  Stephen   98th Regiment

LUDLAM  Thomas   24th Regiment

LYNCH  James   81st Regiment

LYNCH  Peter   77th Regiment

LYONS  James   59th and 68th Regiment

LYONS  Michael   68th and 49th Regiment

LYONS  Patrick   Honourable East India Company