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WADE  James   87th Regiment

WALKER  Philip   89th Regiment Depot

WALKER  William   48th and 95th Regiment

WALL  Thomas   2nd Regiment

WALLACE  Arthur   86th and 77th Regiment

WALSH  Daniel   17th Regiment and 60th Rifles 1st Battalion

WALSH  Michael   Honourable East India Company

WALSH  Michael   10th Regiment 1st Battalion

WALSH  Michael   49th Regiment

WALSH  Nicholas   10th Regiment

WALSH  Patrick   36th Regiment

WALSH  Thomas   50th and 96th Regiment

WARD  John   23rd Regiment

WARD  John   38th Regiment

WARD  John   99th Regiment

WAREHAM  Henry   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay Fusiliers

WARNER  William   6th Regiment 1st Battalion

WARREN  John   16th Lancers and 3rd Light Dragoons

WATERS  John   Honourable East India Company 2nd European Infantry Bombay

WATKINS  John   94th Regiment

WATSON  James   Royal Artillery 6th Battery

WATSON  John or John Henry   86th Regiment

WATSON  John   87th Regiment

WATSON  Thomas   49th and 61st Regiment

WATTS  James Joseph   89th Regiment Depot

WATTS  William   21st Regiment

WEBB  Henry   96th and 8th Regiment 2nd Battalion

WEDDERBURN  Peter   54th 30th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

WEIR  James   44th Regiment

WEIR / WIER  William   Honourable East India Company Madras European Infantry

WELDON  Robert   31st Regiment

WELLS  Alexander   Royal Artillery 4th Battalion

WELLSTEAD / WELSTEAD / WELLSTEED / WALLSTEAD  Thomas / Thomas William   Royal Artillery 2nd Battery

WEST  John   76th Regiment

WHELAN  Thomas   13th Regiment

WHITE  James   84th Regiment

WHITE  Patrick   89th and 3rd Regiment

WHITE  William   99th Regiment

WHITE  William (William John)   10th Regiment

WHITEHOUSE  William   36th Regiment

WHITELY  James   31st Regiment

WHITTLE  William   71st Regiment

WHYBROW / WHYBROUGH  John   43rd Regiment

WILD  John   18th Regiment

WILKINSON  John   18th and 52nd Regiment

WILLIAMS  Richard   Honourable East India Company 1st European Fusiliers

WILSON  Alexander   Royal Marines Chatham Division 59th 81st and 37th Company

WILSON  William   Rifle Brigade Depot 1st and 2nd Battalion

WIMBRIDGE William Thomas   69th Regiment

WINDER / WINTER  Jackson   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay Fusiliers and 103rd Regiment

WINFIELD / WINGFIELD  John   1st Foot Guards

WOODS  Francis   96th and 16th Regiment

WOODS  John   5th Fusiliers

WOODS  William   Newfoundland Veterans

WOOLHOUSE  Jeremiah   70th Regiment

WRIGHT  John   42nd Regiment

WRIGHT   Joseph  aka  STURMAN   George   46th and 45th Regiment

WRIGHTSON  John   Honourable East India Company 1st Madras European Fusiliers