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Naval Brigade – 1874

Departed Gravesend 1st November 1873 and arrived Fremantle 18th February 1874

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 51 – the “Ships Project” confirms 52

Read: Naval Brigade Original Official Log

Newspaper Article:

NAVAL BRIGADE Perth Gazette 20 February 1874
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ALLEN  Arthur   Royal Artillery  7th 6th 8th and 10th Battalion Depot Brigade

ARMSTRONG  James   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Art 3rd Battalion and Royal Artillery 19th Brigade

BARR  William   71st and 42nd Regiment

BARRON / BARRAN  Cornelius   75th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

BROWN  Michael   22nd Regiment 1st Battalion

CADDEN  John   27th Regiment

CARTY / McCARTY / McCARTHY  Daniel   63rd and 21st Regiment 2nd Battalion

CONNELLY / CONNOLLY / CANNOLLY  John   88th and 29th Regiment

CONNOR  William   26th and 69th Regiment

CURLEY / CURLY / CUSLEY  Michael   45th Regiment Royal Canadian Rifles 69th Regiment and 60th Rifles 1st Battalion

DALTON  John   87th Regiment

EVANS  Thomas   1st Regiment 2nd Battalion 60th Rifles and 44th Regiment

FARRINGDON / FARRINGTON  Frederick James   2nd Regiment

FENNELL  Michael   59th Regiment

FLEMING / FLEMMING  William   91st and 27th Regiment

HERRICK / HERRICKS / HARRICK  Patrick   73rd and 81st Regiment

HOPE  William   Rifle Brigade 2nd Battalion

HYLAND / HEYLAND  John Francis   87th Regiment

JAMES  Edward   Honourable East India Company  Bengal 3rd Art and 21st Hussars

JARVIS  Joseph or Charles   85th and 5th Fusiliers 2nd Battalion

KAVANAGH  Edward   85th Regiment

KEESHAN / KEESHAM  Michael   49th Regiment

KELLINGTON  Edward   96th 43rd and 87th Regiment

KIERNAN / KEARNON / KEARNAN  Michael   Honourable East India Company and Royal Horse Artillery

KILNER  James   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Art and Royal Artillery  25th Brigade

LUCAS  Stephen   98th Regiment

MAHER / MAGTHER  Thomas   10th and 94th Regiment

MALLEY / LALLY  Thomas   15th Regiment 1st Battalion AHC and 15th Regiment

MARS  James   36th and 13th Regiment 1st Battalion

McCLUSKEY / MCCLUSKY  William   71st Regiment

McELROY  James   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery and 109th Regiment

McGRATH  Denis   47th and 57th Regiment

McKENZIE aka MUNRO  Donald   72nd 52nd 79th Regiment and Rifle Brigade

McMAHON  Patrick   Honourable East India Company and Royal Artillery 18th Brigade

MINORGAN  Thomas   10th 24th 4th and 24th Regiment

MURPHY  John   83rd  28th and 95th Regiment

O’BRIEN  Timothy   89th and 87th Regiment

OATEN / OATES  Samuel   13th Regiment

POWER  Michael   3rd Regiment 2nd Battalion

QUINN / QUIN  Edward   35th Regiment

ROACH  Michael   83rd and 86th Regiment

RUSH  James / John  88th Regiment

RUTLEY  George   Royal Artillery 6th Battalion 11th and 14th Brigade

RYAN  Stephen   2nd Regiment

RYAN  William   61st Regiment

SEERY / SEEREY / SHERRY  John   6th 43rd and 10th Regiment 2nd Battalion

SHEEHAN / SHEHAN / SHEAN  Patrick   53rd Regiment

SHEMELS / SHEMELDS / SEMELDS Benjamin   73rd Regiment

STANMER / STAMMERS Robert  Artillery Coastal Brigade

TALBORT / TALBOT Robert   99th Regiment

THOMPSON  Robert   Royal Artillery 2nd Battalion Depot Brigade

TOOHILL / TOOTILL  James Mathias or John   69th and 63rd Regiment