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Racehorse – 1865

Departed Portland 26th May 1865 and arrived Fremantle 10th August 1865

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 50 – confirmed by the “Ships Project”

Racehorse Diary of Pensioner Joseph Wright – Transcribed Jeanette Lee

Read: Surgeons Log Racehorse by John Kelly Lighthouse and General Historian

Historical Image:

RACEHORSE formerly Matilda Wattenbach American Museum


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ATTWOOD  Edwin   66th Regiment

BARR  Joseph   22nd Regiment

BLOOMER  Edward   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Artillery

BRENNAN  Michael   40th Regiment

BRYCE  James   26th Regiment

BYRNE / BYRN  John   45th Regiment and Cape Mounted Rifles

CASHMAN  John   25th and 74th Regiment

COSTELLO  William   31st Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

DONNELLY  John   4th and 51st Regiment

DOYLE  John   13th and 55th Regiment

EGAN / EAGAN  John   49th Regiment

FARMER John   74th Regiment

FLOOD  William   69th and 84th Regiment

FOGARTY / FOGARTE  Patrick   58th Regiment

GILBRIDE / GILBRIDGE  John   88th Regiment

GOODMAN  John   1st Regiment

IMPEY  Mathew   15th Hussars and 3rd Dragoon Guards

JOHNSON  Robert   62nd Regiment

KEEFE  John   7th Regiment

KILGALLON  Michael   12th Regiment 1st Battalion Depot

KINCH  John   1st Foot Guards

LISLE  James   66th Regiment

LOCKE  William Reuben   6th and 57th Regiment

McGILL Thomas   83rd Regiment

McGRATH  Bernard  Honourable East India Company  2nd Bombay European Light Infantry and 106th Regiment

McKAY  George   25th Regiment

McKAY / MacKAY  John   92nd Regiment

McKINNON  John   42nd Regiment

McMILLAN / McMILLEN  John   51st Regiment

MEEKHUMS  James   96th and 61st Regiment

MOORE  Robert   54th Regiment

NAUGHTON  Joseph   Honourable East India Company  Bengal 2nd European Battery

NORTON  Joseph   Royal Artillery Coastal Brigade

OAKLEY  Charles Thomas   Royal Marines Portsmouth Division 16th and 42nd Company

O’PREYOPRAY  Robert   20th Regiment 1st Battalion

PTOLEMY  Andrew Joseph   9th 80th and 79th Regiment

QUINN  James   4th and 55th Regiment

RADFORD  Edward / Edwin   Honourable East India Company  2nd Bombay Fusiliers and 104th Regiment

REANEY  Patrick   36th 1st Battalion and 95th 2nd Battalion Regiment

REEVES  Josiah   Royal Marines Chatham Division 17th Company

ROCHE / ROACH  Edward   6th 1st Battalion and 34th Regiment

SAMPY / SAMFRY  Michael   56th Regiment

SHAW  William   Royal Artillery Depot Battery

STOKES  John   63rd Regiment

TAAFFE / TAAFE  Francis   22nd Regiment 1st battalion

TORNEY / TORNAY  Richard   48th 1st Battalion and 41st Regiment

TURNER  John   70th and 71st Regiment

VANCE  John   Royal Artillery Coastal Brigade

WADE  James   87th Regiment

WRIGHT  Joseph  aka   STURMAN   George   46th and 45th Regiment