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Minden – 1851

Departed Plymouth England 16th July 1851 and arrived Fremantle 14th October 1851

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 40 – confirmed by the “Ships Project”

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Newspaper Article:

MINDEN Perth Gazette 17 October 1851
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AINSWORTH  William   Royal Artillery 6th Battery

ALLEN / ALLAN  John   42nd Regiment

ANDERSON  James   Royal Horse Artillery

BEASLEY / BEESLEY  Stephen   40th Regiment

BLUNDEN / BLUNDON  David   15th Regiment

BOLTON  Joseph   73rd Regiment

CAMPBELL  John   42nd Regiment and Rifle Brigade 2nd Battalion

CAMPBELL  Kenneth   72nd Regiment

CAMPBELL  William   42nd Regiment

CARTER  Matthew   15th Hussars / Dragoons

CEELEY / CEELY  Thomas   54th Regiment

FITZPATRICK  Bernard   6th Dragoons

FORAN  John   Honourable East India Company

FORTESCUE / FORTESQUE  William   54th Regiment

FRASER  John   92nd Regiment

FULLER  William   37th Regiment

GAUNT  William   31st Regiment

GORDON  James   Royal Artillery 8th 2nd and 10th Battery

GORMAN  John   50th Regiment

GRANT  George   Honourable East India Company

GREEN  Walter   3rd Foot Guards

GRIFFIN  James   59th Regiment

HALL  John   10th Regiment, 16th Lancers and 3rd Light Dragoons

HARDMAN / HERDMAN  William   Royal Artillery 5th Invalid Battery

HAYNES  Samuel   17th Regiment

HEATHCOTE  Isaac   Rifle Brigade 1st and 2nd Battalion

HILLYAR / HILLIER  James / William   48th Regiment

ISLAND  John   2nd Regiment

KAIREY  John   33rd and 84th Regiment

MANGAN  Andrew   Honourable East India Company

MANNING  Michael   Honourable East India Company

McLAUGHLIN / McLOUGHLIN  Robert   Honourable East India Company

PRESTON  John   17th Regiment

RAMSAY  Robert   9th Battery Royal Artillery

RYDER / RIDER  Thomas   Royal Marines

SINCLAIR  David   Royal Marines Chatham Division 13th Company

WALSH  Michael   Honourable East India Company

WARREN  John   16th Lancers and 3rd Light Dragoons

WHITELY  James   31st Regiment

WILSON  Alexander   Royal Marines Chatham Division 59th 81st & 37th Company