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Merchantman – 1863

Departed Gravesend 30th October 1862 (via Bermuda) and arrived Fremantle 15th February 1863

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 50 – confirmed by the “Ships Project”

Read: Surgeons Log Merchantman 1863 by John Kelly Lighthouse and General Historian

Newspaper Article:

MERCHANTMAN Inquirer 25 February 1863
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AHERN  John   68th Regiment

ANDERSON  Francis   18th Regiment 1st and 2nd Battalion

ATKINSON  William   94th Regiment

BAGLEY  Patrick   99th Regiment

BYRNE  Thomas   40th 31st and 50th Regiment

CALLAGHAN  John   63rd Regiment

CARSON / CARSONS  James   57th Regiment

COLLEGE  James   12th Regiment 2nd Battalion

CONNELLY  James   26th Regiment

DUNLOP  William   1st Regiment

DUNN / DUNNE  William   41st and 3rd Regiment

FENNESSEY  John   96th 53rd and 94th Regiment

FITZPATRICK  Thomas   59th and 12th Regiment 2nd Battalion

GALBRAITH / GILBREATH  William   89th Regiment

GRICE  Joseph   78th Regiment and 14th Light Dragoons

HALL  William   78th Regiment

HAMILTON  John   97th Regiment

JOHNSTON  William   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery

KNOCTON  George   50th Regiment

MAYBERRY  Thomas   35th Regiment

McALISTER  Donald   78th Regiment

McCOURT  James   18th Regiment

McCULLOCH  Charles   72nd and 79th Regiment

McDONALD  William   50th Regiment

McDONOUGH  Thomas   50th Regiment

McKAY  John   96th Regiment

McNIECE / McNEECE  John   15th and 8th Regiment

MEEHAN  Patrick   Honourable East India Company 2nd European Fusiliers

MILTON  Stephen   70th Regiment

MONAGHAN  Peter / Patrick  35th Regiment

PEDIE  James   71st Regiment

PINDER  Enoch   20th Regiment

POWER  John   Honourable East India Company 2nd Bombay European

PURVIS  William   60th Rifles 2nd Battalion

RAWSON  William   19th Regiment

REYNOLDS  Patrick   84th Regiment

ROBARTS / ROBERTS  Richard   50th and 24th Regiment 1st Battalion

ROBERTS / ROBARTS  John   31st Regiment

SIMCOX / SIMCROIX  Philip   90th Regiment

SIMMS / SIMS  John   76th Regiment

SLATTERY  John   48th Regiment

SLAVEN / SLAVIN  James   25th and 34th Regiment

SMITH  Thomas   41st Regiment

STEWART / STUART  Daniel   76th Regiment

SULLIVAN  Patrick   95th Regiment

TOOHEY / TOOKEY  Michael   Honourable East India Company 2nd European Regiment

TOOLE  Patrick   62nd and 29th Regiment

WALSH  Michael   49th Regiment

WARD  John   23rd Regiment

WILLIAMS  Richard   Honourable East India Company 1st European Fusiliers