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Sultana – 1859

Departed Plymouth 25th May 1859 and arrived Fremantle 19th August 1859

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 50 – the “Ships Project” confirms  49

God Bless Sultana and all who Sailed on Her by Diane Oldman and Jeanette Lee April and July 2015 EPG Gazette

Newspaper Article:

SULTANA Perth Gazette 26 August 1859
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ALCOCK  Andrew   4th Regiment

BEW / BEWS  Abraham   73rd Regiment

BRANNAN / BRENNAN / BRANNION  Edward   31st Regiment

BRENNAN  Eugene / Edward   95th Regiment

CLAYTON  Joseph   39th Regiment

CODY / COADY  John   36th Regiment

CORBOY  Michael   19th Regiment

COUGHLAN  Patrick   5th Fusiliers 25th and 43rd Regiment

CRAIG  William   Honourable East India Company  2nd European Regiment

DALY  Thaddeus (Thady)   25th Regiment

ENGLISH  Peter   60th Rifles 2nd battalion

FOX  David   12th Regiment

GARDNER / GARDINER  Thomas   48th Regiment

GEDDES  William   72nd Regiment

GIFFNEY / GIFFENEY  Michael   19th Regiment

GREIG  James   71st Regiment

HARRIS  Thomas   40th Regiment

HARRIS  William   Royal Marines

HUNT  James   10th Regiment

JOHNSTONE / JOHNSTON  William   28th Regiment

KERR  William Archibald   26th and 7th Regiment

KINNIARD / KINNEARD  James Robert   45th 39th and 50th Regiment

LING  John   2nd Foot Guard and 8th Regiment

LYNCH  James   81st Regiment

McALISTER / McALESTER  Peter   Honourable East India Company   1st Madras European Regiment

McCORMICK / CORMICK  William   19th Regiment

McMAHON  John   47th Regiment

MARSHALL  Alexander   92nd Regiment

MATTHEWS / MATHEWS  Patrick   86th Regiment

NUGENT  Robert   60th Rifles

O’KEEFE / O’KEEFFE  Michael   37th Regiment

PALMER  George   99th Regiment

PATERSON  John   Royal Artillery  2nd Battalion

PERKINS  Job   5th and 25th Regiment

PIKE  Thomas   62nd and 53rd Regiment

PURTILL / PURTELL  William   78th 21st and 32nd Regiment

REDMOND  Patrick   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Horse Artillery

REILLY / RIELY  John   57th Regiment

RING  Mark   40th and 28th Regiment

ROGERS  Mark Dore   83rd Regiment

SMITH  John   21st Regiment

SMITH  William   50th Regiment

STEEL / STEELE  James   Royal Artillery  4th Battery

STONE  William   60th Rifles 1st Battalion

STRETTON  James   99th Regiment

SUTCLIFFE  Richard   50th Regiment

THACKER  James   1st Regiment 2nd Battalion

WALKER  William   48th and 95th Regiment

WILSON  William   Rifle Brigade  Depot 1st and 2nd Battalion