Lord Dalhousie – 1863

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BARRATT / BARRETT  Edward   1st Foot Guards

BISHOP  Thomas   20th Regiment & Royal Canadian Rifles

BOYLE  Edward   22nd and 86th Regiment

BROWN  William   17th 78th & 64th Regiment

BURNS  William   Honourable East India Company Bengal Artillery

BUTLER  Thomas  13th & 80th Regiment

CALLAGHAN  James   30th Regiment

COLWELL  Owen   88th & 84th Regiment

COWAN / COWEN  Henry   52nd Regiment

DEVANY / DEVANEY  Edward   27th Regiment

DULLARD / DULLART  Nicholas   57th Regiment

EFFORD  Samuel   Royal Artillery 5th Brigade

FINNIGAN  Thomas   68th Regiment and Army Hospital Corps

GARDINER  John   Honourable East India Company

HITCHCOCK  John   25th Regiment

HUGHES  Patrick   84th & 2nd Battalion 60th Rifles

HURLEY  John   54th & 87th Regiment

HYLAND  John   37th Regiment

LAUGHLIN / LAUGHLAN  William   96th & 83rd Regiment

MAHONEY / MAHONY  James   Honourable East India Company  1st European Fusiliers

MALONEY / MOLONEY  Patrick   Honourable East India Company

MARTIN  Edward   Royal Marines

McGUIRE / MAGUIRE  Patrick   8th Regiment

McMEEKHAM / McMEEKHUM / McMEEKIN  Alexander   77th Regiment

MEER / MEERE  Patrick   Depot 89th Regiment

MOORE  Peter   28th & 22nd Regiment

POWER  John   96th Regiment & Army Staff

REILLY  Patrick   75th & 32nd Regiment

UPTON  Denis   16th & 87th Regiment

WATERS  John   Honourable East India Company