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TRACEY – Thomas 27th and 86th Regiment

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27th Regiment Inniskilling Crest
86th Regiment
NameTRACEY – Thomas
Regiment (s)27th and 86th Regiment
Regiment Number (s) 1245 – 27th Regiment
1929 – 86th Regiment
Date/Age/Place/Trade or
Profession at Attestation
19th July 1839 / 20 years / Inniskillen Fermanagh Ireland
Description – Height
5 Ft 10 in
Dark / Grey / Dark Brown / None
Overseas Service/DurationEast Indies – 12 years 1 month
Length of Service15 years 275 days
Rank/Date/Place of DischargePrivate / 22nd May 1855 / Chatham Kent England
Campaign MedalsNot yet known
Intended Residence at
Manchester England
Pension Districts1855 Enniskillen
1856 2nd Glasgow
1857 Dundee
1857 2nd Edinburgh
1857 2nd Glasgow
1860 Enniskillen
1860 1st Liverpool
1862 Western Australia
1863 South Australia
1872 Victoria
1876 – 1893 South Australia
Pension Paid9d per diem – Temporary – for 3 years until 12th June 1858 then for another year until 1859 – Made permanent 12th April 1859
Date of Departure and Place
England or Ireland
6th October 1861 Portland England via Cape of Good Hope
Ship and Date of Arrival
Western Australia
LINCELLES 28th January 1862
Date/Place of Birthc1819 Innis McSaint Church Hill Fermanagh Ireland
Date/Place of BaptismNot yet known
Date/Place of Birth
Not yet known
Date/Place of Birth
Not yet known
SiblingsNot yet known
1st Wife
Date of Birth or Baptism
Not Married
Land Grants Western
Occupation after
Not yet known
Newspaper ArticlesSouth Australian Chronicle Saturday 25 March 1893 page 13 Sad death in the north
Evening Journal Friday 17 March 1893 page 3: Death of an Old Soldier
Departure from Western
1863 to South Australia
Date/Place of Death/Burialc1 March 1893/Thompson’s Creek South Australia
Date/Place of Death/Burial
Not applicable
Will or ProbateNone known
Further InformationIt was a pretty eventful voyage for Pensioner Thomas Tracy starting on 2nd October 1861 even before the Lincelles sailed he was on a charge and things did not improve from there.
Pensioner T. Tracey late 86th Regt. was confined for making use of abuse and threatening language to Sergt. Major Moody when in the execution of his duty on the first October. 5 Days Grog Stopped.1st November 1861 followed by
Pensioner T. Tracey late 86th Regt. confined for making use of abuse and threatening language to Sergt. Major Moody when in the execution of his duty on the 1st November. 5 Days Grog Stopped.
10th November 1861 Pensioner T. Tracey late 86th Regt. reported by Sergt. Maj. Moody for insubordination on board this vessel on the 10th November 1861. I was present on the Poop when this occurrence took place. He said to the Sergeant Major – You are unfit for your duty and out of uniform – and made use of the words, – he was B _____d if he was. – Not many Convicts were on Deck at the time and heard this. This man’s conduct on board has been most violent and brutal. I have had to punish and reprimand him often since the Convict Guard embarked. He is now suspended from all duty, as I intend to turn the matter over to the Military Authorities at the first opportunity.
7th JANUARY 1862
An investigation was this day held by William Crawford R.N. Surgeon Superintendent, and the following charges and evidence thereon was brought before him.
Private T. Tracey, Pensioner Guard reported by Sergt. Kelly.
1st. For making use of abusive and threatening language to him between the hours of 4 and 5 o’clock
A.M., when on duty on the morning of the 9th January 1862.
2nd. For making use of the words “you do it you old (Camel ?), if it was not for the stripes your wear I would break your bloody head”.
3rd. For saying “when I catch you ashore, I will kick the bits out of you, you damned Mongrel, you are no man”.
The truth of the charges was deposed to by Sergt., Kelly who said that at 12 o’clock last night he had occasion to rebuke Private Tracey for attempting to smoke in the cuddy, where the men on duty at night were allowed to take shelter in bad weather, and that at 4 o’clock A.M. (he Private Tracey) began in a very loud tone of voice to make use of the language toward himself.
Private John Watson deposes that he heard part of the dispute and abusive language pass between the Sergt. and Private Tracey in which the Chief Officer of the Ship Mr. Clements has …?… to by Tracey as a witness, that Private Tracey called Sergt. Kelly a damned scoundrel and said he would not wear the stripes after he arrived out. He also offered to fight the Sergt., or words to that effect The witness further …?… …?… the …?… of the charge.
Mr. Clements Chief Officer, on being requested to state what he heard, said he heard abusive language pass between the Sergt. and Private Tracey and considered the conduct and language of Private Tracey insubordinate.
Private Thomas …?… deposed that he came on duty at 4 o’clock A.M. and in front of the cuddy, Private Tracey being opposite to him at the time, remarked that he wondered why he (Sergt. Kelly) was down upon him for smoking, (when allowed to shelter), more than upon the others.
I advised him to keep quiet and that it was not worth while having any words about it. With this Sergt. Kelly coming out of the Cuddy in a rage threatened to put Private Tracey on the Poop as a Prisoner and to bring him before the Doctor. Private Tracey then said, you undermining old dog you sent back a good Non Commissioned Officer, you and another between Decks that could rap your two heads together.
Sergt. Kelly then called Private Tracey a damned puppy of a Black Guard and threatened to put him on the Poop. Private Tracey then said, you grey headed old rascal, if it were not for the stripes you would not tell me too again. Sergt. Kelly again called Tracey a scoundrel and Tracey replied, when he (the
Sergt.) went ashore he would lose his stripes and be no more than he was. The Sergt., the third time threatened to put him on the Poop as a Prisoner. The dispute then ended. He (witness) and Tracey were then placed on Sentry.
The Guard being very weak and the voyage drawing to a close, I have decided to place this matter in the hands of the Commanding Officer of Pensioners on arrival in Western Australia.
(Signed) William Crawford Surgeon R.N., Superintendent
British Army Worldwide Index
1841 Thomas Tracey 1245 27th Foot location Templemore and Galway Note deserted 14th January 1841
1851 There were three entries for Thomas
1851 Location Chatham (no service number)
1951 1929 Poona India
1951 1929 East India Depot
Discharge: Due to chronic rheumatism and cymanche (sic) tonsillitis.
WO23/50 states went to New South Wales in 1863. WO23/60 states he went to South Australia in 1871. However WO22 for South Australia for period 1863-1878 show he received pension in South Australia
Mortuary returns 19 October 1893 Government Gazette p 999 b 72
Fresh Complexion, grey hair, beard and whiskers and moustache. Found on old track from Yadlamulka mail track to Thompson’s Gap with dog Toby. Burial order Pt Augusta mortuary book GRG 5/310/3 found dead on track to Thompson’s Gap.