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Lincelles – 1862

Departed Portland (via Cape) 6th October 1861 and arrived Fremantle 28th January 1862 Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 30 – the “Ships Project” confirms 32

Read: Surgeons Log Lincelles by John Kelly Lighthouse and General Historian

Courtesy http://www.agenziabozzo.it/vecchie_navi/A-Vecchie_Vele/A-


LINCELLES Perth Gazette 31 January 1862
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ARMSTRONG  Alexander   42nd Regiment

BOX  Thomas   31st and 57th Regiment

BROWNE / BROWN  William   13th Dragoons

CHURCH  Frederick   Royal Artillery 11th Battalion

CONNOLLY  Michael   19th Regiment

COURTNEY  Nicholas   22nd Regiment

DAVIS / DAVIES  Isaac   69th Regiment

DINEEN / DENEEN  Edward   Royal Artillery Depot Brigade

GLOVER  Edward   Royal Marines 45th and 61st Divisions

GOODALL / GOODHALL  Edmond   80th Regiment

HAYES / HAYS  John   Honourable East India Company 3rd Troop 2nd Brigade Artillery

HOGAN / HAGAN  Patrick Joseph   30th 47th and 33rd Depot Regiment

HOLLOWAY  John   62nd Regiment

HOUSTON / HOWSTON  William Russell   89th Regiment

KELLY  Jeremiah   86th Regiment

KELLY  John   41st Regiment

KELLY  Thomas   53rd and 10th Regiment 1st Battalion

LYONS  Michael   68th Light Infantry and 49th Regiment

MAY  Alfred   25th Regiment 1st Battalion

McPHERSON  Alexander   93rd 78th and 71st Regiment

McSHERRY / McCHERRY  Edward   50th Regiment

MOODY  Thomas   3rd Light Dragoon

NICHOLLS / NICOLS  John   51st Regiment

PERSSE /  PIESSE John   74th Regiment

RUDD  John   57th Regiment

SCANLON / SCANLAN  Stephen   49th and 87th Regiment

SIGSTON / STIGSONS / SIGATON  Charles Vere   16th Lancers

STANFIELD / STARFIELD  Charles   Honourable East India Company  Bombay Artillery

TRACEY  Thomas   86th Regiment

WALL  Thomas   2nd Regiment

WATSON  John   35th and 87th Regiment

WOODS  William   Newfoundland Volunteers