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Clyde – 1863

Departed Portland, Dorset England 15th March 1863 and arrived Fremantle 29th May 1863

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 50 – the “Ships Project” confirms 51

Read: Surgeons Log Clyde by John Kelly Lighthouse and General Historian

Historical image:

CLYDE – Crimean War Veterans Website
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APPLEBEE  Thomas   Honourable East India Company  1st Bombay European Fusiliers

ARBUCKLE  John aka AITKEN  Henry  Honourable East India Company  Bengal Horse Artillery

BATLEY / BATELY  Richard   8th and 86th Regiment

BENNETT  John   Honourable East India Company  Madras Artillery and Royal Artillery  Depot Brigade

BEWSHER  William   57th and 20th Regiment 1st Battalion

BROWN  Samuel   52nd and 53rd Regiment

BRYAN  Thomas   63rd and 96th Regiment

CANTWELL  Thomas   97th Regiment

CLINTON  James   27th Regiment

COLLINS  Daniel   Honourable East India Company  2nd European Light Infantry

CONNEALLY / CONNEALY  Timothy   9th Regiment

CROWE  James   38th & 97th Regiment

DARLEY  John   Honourable East India Company 1st Brigade Horse Artillery

DUCHAM / DUEHAM / DUEHAN  Jeremiah   34th Regiment

GARDINER  John   64th Regiment

GREER / GREEN  John   57th and 77th Regiment

HAYES  Patrick   10th Regiment

HEALY / HALEY  Patrick   20th Regiment

HOGAN  Thomas   14th Regiment 1st Battalion

HUDSON  Samuel   17th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

HUGHES  Edward William   51st and 74th Regiment

IRELAND  Richard   63rd Regiment

IRELAND  Robert   Royal Artillery  Depot Brigade

KEENAN  James   1st Regiment 2nd Battalion

KEHOE  John   48th Regiment Depot

KELLY  Edward   4th Regiment 1st Battalion

KELLY  Henry   13th 80th and 70th Regiment

KELLY  Patrick   33rd Regiment

KENNEDY  James   87th Regiment

LOGG  Daniel  42nd Regiment

MALLOY / MULLOY  Patrick   22nd and 64th Regiment

McCANN  Patrick   31st and 10th Regiment

McCARDLE / McARDLE  Michael   41st Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

MILLER  William   74th Regiment

MORIARTY  Bartholomew   Honourable East India Company  1st Madras Fusiliers

MUIRHEAD  Archibald   Royal Artillery 1st Battalion

NEILL  Timothy   Honourable East India Company  Bombay Artillery

PHIBBS  William   Honourable East India Company 1st Bombay Fusiliers

REYNOLDS  Joseph   43rd Regiment Light Infantry

RICE  Matthew   74th Regiment and Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion

RITCHIE / RITCHEY  Matthew   41st Regiment

ROBINSON  Thomas   Royal Artillery  Depot Brigade

ROLSTON / RALSTON James   8th Regiment 1st Battalion

SELFF  William   52nd Regiment

SMITH  John   19th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

SMITH / SMYTH  James   99th Regiment

SWEENEY  Terrence   86th and 98th Regiment

TURNER  John   90th Regiment

WALSH  Michael   10th Regiment 1st Battalion

WARNER  William   6th Regiment 1st Battalion

WEBB  Henry   96th and 8th Regiment 2nd Battalion