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York – 1862

Departed Portland 8th October 1862 and arrived Fremantle 31st December 1862 Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 49 – the “Ships Project” confirms 50

The York aka later as the Vilhem Birkedal






EPG – York 1862 – Journal by John CLEGG

Newspaper Article:

YORK Inquirer and Commercial News 7 January 1863

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AHERN  Michael   17th and 8th Regiment

BEECH  Joseph   37th Regiment

BENTLEY / BENTLY  John   28th Regiment

BOURKE / BURKE  Patrick   52nd Light Infantry

BREE  Thomas   Honourable East India Company  1st Bombay Fusiliers

BRINDLEY  Henry   2nd Regiment

BUCKLEY  Laurence / Lawrence   25th and 74th Regiment

BYRNE / BURNS William   Honourable East India Company  1st European Infantry 1st Bombay Fusiliers

CALLAGHAN  Patrick   Honourable East India Company  1st European Bombay Fusiliers

COLGAN / COGLAN  John   67th Regiment

CROWLEY  William   Honourable East India Company  1st European Madras Fusiliers

CURTAIN / CURTIN / CURTEN   John   18th Regiment

DALY / DALEY / DAILEY   Michael   10th Regiment

DANIEL  Richard   16th 61st  98th and 35th Regiment

DANIELS  Hugh   61st and 98th Regiment

DEVLIN  Felix   86th Regiment

DOIL / DOYLE  William   Royal Marines  Chatham Division 41st and 45th Company

DONOHUE / DONAHUE  Roderick   68th Regiment

FARRELL  Patrick   26th and 88th Regiment

FARROW  Thomas   45th Regiment

GANDELL / GANDLE   Henry Benjamin   36th Regiment

HEARN / HEARNS  Patrick   77th Regiment

HERLIHYHURLIHY / HERLEHEY   Thomas   84th Regiment

HIGGINS  Hugh   Royal Artillery 14th Depot

HOBBS  Abraham  76th Regiment

HODGSON  James   94th Regiment

HORGAN  Cornelius   Royal Artillery Depot

JOHNSTON / JOHNSTONE / JOHNSON  James   46th and 84th Regiment

LEARY / O’LEARY  Daniel   48th and 57th Regiment

LEE  George   77th Regiment

LILLIS / LELLIS  John   69th Regiment

LILLIS / LELLIS  Stephen   25th and 69th Regiment

LYONS  James   59th and 68th Regiment

McCAULEY  James   18th and 52nd Regiment

McKEE  John   Royal Artillery 9th Battery and 3rd Brigade

McNEE  Malcolm   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Horse Artillery

MEALIA / MELIA / MEALEN / MEALIN   Michael   99th Regiment

MONAGHAN  Michael   9th Regiment

MUIR  William   Honourable East India Company  1st Bombay European Fusiliers

MURREN / MURRIN  Lewis   52nd Regiment

PILCHER / PELCHER  William   50th Regiment

ROBERTS / ROBARTS  James   16th Lancers

SIBBALD  William   72nd Regiment

SULLIVAN  Joseph   19th Regiment

SULLIVAN  Timothy   unknown regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

TIERNEY / TEARNEY  Matthew   57th Regiment

TOOLE / O’TOOLE  Felix   86th Regiment

TOPPING  William   37th Regiment

WALKER  Philip   89th Regiment Depot

WATSON  Thomas   49th and 61st Regiment