Ramillies – 1854

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BURGESS  William   Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion

CALSON  John   Royal Marines  Woolwich Division 32nd Company

CANNON  John   1st Life Guards

COATES  George   Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion

CROOKS  James   3rd Foot Guards

CROWE  Samuel   62nd 44th and 50th Regiment

DAVIDSON  James   1st and 82nd Regiment

DORAN / DORNAN  James   26th Regiment

DUNNE  Edward   4th Regiment

ELDER  Andrew   25th Regiment

GALLAGHER  Patrick   1st 13th and 80th Regiment

GRANT  James   89th Regiment

HARRIS / HARRISS  William   39th and 53rd Regiment

HUGHES  Evan   Royal Artillery 2nd Battalion

JENNINGS  Thomas   61st Regiment

JONES  Thomas   6th and 59th Regiment

MONAGHAN  Bernard   3rd Regiment

MORGAN  Henry   Honourable East India Company 1st European Fusiliers Madras

MURPHY  Jeremiah   29th Regiment

NOLAN  Michael   20th Regiment

RAY  Thomas   50th Regiment

REID / REED  John   99th Regiment

SIMPSON  James   13th Regiment

SPRANKLIN / SPRANKLING  James Thomas   90th and 91st Regiment

TELFORD  James   Royal Artillery 1st Battalion

TRACEY / TRASEY  Joseph   Royal Artillery  2nd Battery

URQUHART  William   Royal Artillery 11th Battalion

WALSH  Patrick   36th Regiment

WHYBROW / WHYBROUGH  John   43rd Regiment

WOOLHOUSE  Jeremiah   70th Regiment