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Norwood – 1867

Departed Portland 18th April 1867 and arrived Fremantle 13th July 1867

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive  was  30 – confirmed by the “Ships Project”

Historical Image:

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COFFIN / COFFEN  William   59th Regiment

CRITCH  Henry   16th and 35th Regiment

DAVEY  William   50th Regiment

DELANEY  William   4th Regiment 1st Battalion

FELTHAM  James Frederick Octavius   65th Regiment

FITZGERALD  James   12th Regiment 2nd Battalion

FITZMAURICE  Lewis   1st Dragoons

FITZPATRICK  Michael   Honourable East India Company 2nd Regiment and 103rd Regiment

GARISH / GARICH / GARRISH  Henry   4th and 8th Regiment

GOOCH  Frederick   94th 97th and 53rd Regiment

GOOD  William   94th 18th 94th Regiment and Falkland Is. Corps

HAINES  John   87th Regiment

HAY  James   Honourable East India Company Madras Horse Artillery   88th and 12th Regiment 1st Battalion

HUDSON  Patrick   28th Regiment

JOHNSTON  William   74th Regiment

JONES  Samuel   12th Regiment

LINDSAY  George   47th Regiment

MEIKLAM / MECKLANE  Roger   2nd Regiment 1st Battalion

MILLS  Thomas   26th Regiment

MORAN  Terance   15th Regiment 1st Battalion

MURRAY  John   Honourable East India Company  1st Bombay European Fusiliers

SHAFTER / SHAPTER  Thomas   60th Rifles

SHAUGHNESSY / SHAUGHNESSEY  Thomas   88th and 82nd Regiment

STEWART  Thomas   91st 53rd and 87th Regiment

STRATTON  George   Royal Artillery Coastal Brigade

SULLIVAN  John   45th 15th 33rd and 15th Regiment 1st Battalion

SUTHERLAND  Alexander   24th Regiment

TRAVERS  John   Royal Artillery 4th Brigade

VAGG  Edward   15th Dragoons / Hussars

VALENTINE  Joseph   48th 71st Regiment and  Royal Canadian Rifles