Clara – 1864

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ABBOTT  Patrick   18th Regiment

ARNOTT  Robert   50th Regiment

BEARD  Daniel   51st and 74th Regiment

BROADLEY  James   64th Regiment

BUCKLEY  Timothy   61st Regiment

BYRNE  Laurence   87th and 12th Regiment

CARMICHAEL  Samuel   91st Regiment

CONLEY / CONELLY  Martin   71st Regiment

CONNOR / CONNORS  Thomas   99th and 28th Regiment

DALY / DALEY  Richard   Honourable East India Company Bombay Artillery 1st Battalion

FAIRGRIEVE  Richard   71st Regiment

HALL  Wilson   77th Regiment

HEXTALL  William   46th 45th and 24th Regiment

KEARNS / KEARNES  William   74th Regiment

KENNEDY  Michael   48th Regiment

LAMB / LAMBE  Thomas Henry   Honourable East India Company

MARTIN  John   74th Regiment

McGEE  Joseph   Rifle Brigade

McINTOSH  William   Royal Artillery  8th Battery

MILLWARD  Samuel John Williams   4th Light Dragoons and 10th Hussars

PENDERGAST / PENDERGRAST  John   87th Fusiliers

ROBB  William   92nd 42nd and Royal Canadian Rifle

SCANLAN / SCANLON  Frederick   Royal Artillery 11th Battalion

SMALL  Hugh   81st and 61st Regiment

SMITH  Isaac   12th Regiment

STANLEY  Thomas   6th Regiment Depot 1st Battalion

STRETCH  Charles   45th Regiment

TARGETT  John   Honourable East India Company  Bombay Artillery

TRUEMAN  John   86th and 64th Regiment

WHITE  James   84th Regiment