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Belgravia – 1866

Departed Portland 7th April 1866 and arrived Fremantle 4th July 1866

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 30 – confirmed by the “Ships Project”

Newspaper Article:

Belgravia Inquirer and Commercial News 11 July 1866
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ATKINSON  Robert   87th Regiment

BARRETT  Richard   Honourable East India Company 2nd European

CARROLL  Cornelius   74th Regiment

DONOGHUE  Timothy Honourable East India Company 101st Regiment Bengal

EVANS  Thomas   25th and 43rd Regiment

FAHEY  Patrick   78th and 71st Regiment

GARDINER  Thomas   91st and 79th Regiment

GIBBS  Alfred   Royal Horse Artillery

GILBERTSON  William   62nd Regiment

HARDY  John   77th Regiment

HICKEY  Patrick   28th and 86th Regiment

HUTCHISON  Richard   93rd Regiment

JONES  William   Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion

KELLY  Bernard   34th and 25th Regiment

LITTON  John Philip   38th Regiment

MAGEE  Robert   Honourable East India Company Artillery and Royal Artillery 18th Brigade

McCALL  John   Royal Horse Artillery

McCORRY  Richard   38th Regiment

McGANN  Thomas   3rd Regiment

McGOVERN / McGOWAN  Patrick / Peter 64th Regiment

MELLOWS / MALLOWS  Joseph Weatherall   8th and 64th Regiment

MILLER / MILLAR  William Henry   Royal Artillery 5th 3rd and 8th Battalions 11th and 14th Brigade

MORGAN  Robert   Royal Artillery Coastal Brigade

MURPHY  Jeremiah   40th Regiment

PICKERING  Joseph   Rifle Brigade

SMITH  Charles   Honourable East India Company  1st Bombay Fusiliers and 103rd Regiment

TURNER  William   28th and 78th Regiment

WALSH  Nicholas   10th Regiment

WEIR / WIER  William   Honourable East India Company  Madras European Infantry

WRIGHTSON  John   Honourable East India Company  1st Madras European Fusiliers