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Vimiera – 1865

Departed Portland 30th September 1865 and arrived Fremantle 22nd December 1865

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 30 – confirmed by the “Ships Project”

Read: Surgeons Log Vimeira by John Kelly Lighthouse and General Historian

Historical Image:

VIMERIA Crimean War Veterans Website
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ALLS  John   20th Regiment & Royal Canadian Rifles

BARRY  Michael   Honourable East India Company  Madras Artillery

BLIGHT  William   Royal Marines

CONDON  Jeremiah   Honourable East India Company  1st Bombay Fusiliers

COSTIGAN  George   11th Regiment

COYLE  Charles   84th Regiment

DOWN / DOWNS  William Carpenter  14th Light Dragoons

FAHEY  Darby   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Invalid Battery

FANNON  Patrick   67th & 99th Regiment

GERAGHTY  Daniel   86th Regiment

GRAY / GREY  David   Royal Artillery  6th Brigade

GREEN  Edward   18th Regiment

HENDERSON  Richard   Honourable East India Company  Bombay Artillery

HOPPER  Martin   28th & 86th Regiment

KENNEY / KENNY  James   10th 64th & 75th Regiment

KIRBY  Richard   84th Regiment

McGUINNESS / McGINNIS  George   99th Regiment

McGUINNESS / McGINNIS  John   89th & 45th Regiment

McMULLEN  David   Royal Artillery   Coastal Brigade

McNAMARA  John   66th Regiment

NELSON  Samuel   69th Regiment

O’DEA  Martin   41st Regiment

PRATT  Richard   24th Regiment

QUINN / QUIN  Alexander   80th 78th 31st & 95th Regiment

RICHARDSON  John   60th Regiment 1st Battalion Depot

RUSSELL  William   4th Regiment

STEELE  James Henry   89th Regiment

WAREHAM  Henry   Honourable East India Company  1st Bombay Fusiliers

WATTS  James Joseph   89th Regiment Depot

WINDER / WINTER  Jackson   Honourable East India Company  1st Bombay Fusiliers & 103rd Regiment