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Scindian – 1850

Departed Portsmouth 4th March 1850 and arrived Fremantle 1st June 1850

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 55 – the “Ships Project” confirms  54

Scindian Background and Dr Gibson’s Medical Journal

Newspaper Article:

SCINDIAN Perth Gazette 7 June 1850
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ANNEAR / ANNAR  Samuel   Royal Sappers & Miners

ATKINSON  John   2nd Dragoons

BAGG  George   Royal Marines Woolwich Division 76th Company

BAKER  Robert   34th Regiment

BARRETT  John   61st Regiment

BOND  James   17th Regiment

BURTON  Henry   54th Regiment

BUTTERWORTH  Samuel   Royal Artillery  3rd 2nd and 1st Battalion

CLARK  Charles   40th Regiment

CLARKE / CLARK  George   9th Regiment

CALDWELL / COLDWELL  James   57th Regiment

COYLE  John   Cape Mounted Rifles and 27th Regiment

DAVEY  Henry   Royal Marines

DAY  John   31st Regiment

DULSTON / DUNSON / DULSTONE John   80th Regiment

FAIRBROTHER  Samuel   38th 31st and 29th Regiment

FINLAY  William   78th and 97th Regiment

FOOT / FOOTE Joseph   76th Regiment

GALLAGHER  Patrick   Royal Artillery  7th Battery

GORDON  Andrew   40th Regiment

HAMMOND / HAMMONDS  Thomas   80th Regiment

HARRIS  John   97th Regiment 1st Battalion

HERBERT  Henry  Royal African Colonial Regiment and Royal Newfoundland Veterans Company

HUBBLE  John   32nd Regiment

HUBBLE  William   32nd Regiment

HUNT  James   Royal Marines  Portsmouth Division 60th Company

JONES  James   38th Regiment

KINGDOM / KINGDON  John   43rd Regiment

KIRWAN  John   63rd and 30th Regiment

LINDSAY  Robert   69th and 2nd Regiment

McMULLEN / McMULLIN  Thomas   Royal Artillery  4th Battalion

MORGAN  Henry   Royal Artillery  10th Battalion

MURPHY  James   19th Regiment

MURPHY  Peter   31st Regiment

NICHOLS / NICHOLLS  Joseph   76th Regiment

NICHOLSON  John   1st Regiment

O’CONNOR  John   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Artillery

O’KEEFE / O’KEEFF  Moses   44th Regiment

OAKS  William   46th Regiment

PAYNE / PAIN  John   40th Regiment

REDDIN / REDDEN  Michael   61st Regiment

ROFFEY  Richard   40th and 59th Regiment

ROURKE  James   27th Regiment

SKILLEN / SKILLING  John   5th Regiment

STARK James   9th Regiment

STEVENS  James   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Artillery

STOKES  Michael   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Artillery

SUTTON  Samuel   Royal Marines  Chatham Division 37th and 89th Company

TAYLOR  James   2nd Regiment

THROSSELL  Michael   17th Dragoons / Lancers

TOWERS / TORVEIS  Peter   Royal Marines  Chatham Division 73rd Company

WATKINS  John   94th Regiment

WATTS  William   21st Regiment

WINFIELD / WINGFIELD  John   1st Foot Guards