Stag – 1855

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ARNOLD Thomas   81st Regiment

BEASLEY / BEASLY  George   77th Regiment

BISHOP  Charles   Royal Marines Portsmouth Division 63rd Company

BLEWER  William   24th Regiment

BROWN  James   Royal Artillery  6th Battalion 5th Company

COOTE  Thomas   22nd 61st and 82nd Regiment

COSS  John   21st and 24th Regiment

DENMAN  John   Royal Marines  Chatham Division 85th Company

FOWLER  Edward   Royal Marines  Portsmouth Division 58th Company

FRANCIS  George   Royal Marines Woolwich Division 12th Company

HOLIDAY / HOLLIDAY  William   63rd Regiment

JERROLD  Charles   43rd Regiment

JOHNSTON / JOHNSON  Benjamin   Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion

KENNY  John   90th Regiment

MAINS  John   9th and 98th Regiment

MASH / MARSH / MUSH  John   4th Regiment

McDANIEL  James   86th Regiment

McFARREN  William   17th Regiment

McGRATH  John   87th Regiment

McMAHON  Timothy   16th Regiment

MURPHY  John   22nd Regiment

O’BRIEN  John   59th Regiment

RISEAM  William   Royal Marines  Chatham Division 59th 95th and 13th Company

RONAN  Thomas   58th Regiment

SARGENT  William   17th Dragoons / Lancers

SMITH  Hugh   45th and 6th Regiment

STRONGMAN  John   16th Lancers and 3rd Light Dragoons

TEAGUE  Thomas   56th Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

TUOHILL Matthias Jeremiah aka DAVIS John   HEIC Bengal Artillery 2nd Brigade

WEIR  James   44th Regiment

YOUNG  Thomas   Royal Brigade 2nd Battalion and 39th Regiment