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Hashemy – 1850

Departed Portland Dorset England 23rd July 1850 and arrived Fremantle 25th October 1850

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 32 – the “Ships Project” confirms 32

Hashemy – Peter Conole and Jean McDonald – Johnny Newcome October 2010 and February 2011 EPG Gazette

Hashemy Births & Deaths

Transcript Instruction to Colonel Bruce for men on Hashemy



Newspaper Article:

HASHEMY Inquirer October 1850

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ANDERSON  Edward  Royal Marine Chatham Division

BANDY  Thomas   98th Regiment

BASKERVILLE  John   Honourable East India Company 4th Troop Bombay Horse Artillery

BRENNAN  Patrick   20th and 6th Regiment

BRITT  Patrick   87th and 90th Regiment

BROWN  Richard   6th Dragoons / Hussars

BROWN  Thomas   6th and 17th Regiment

BYRNE / BRYAN  James   14th Light Dragoons and 4th Light Dragoons

CAMPBELL  George   79th Regiment

CAPLE / CAPEL  William   56th Regiment

CARROLL  Patrick John   Honourable East India Company  Bombay Artillery 1st Battalion 3rd Company

CLARK / CLARKE  Thomas   26th Regiment

CONNOR / CONNORS  James   Honourable East India Company  Bengal Infantry

COSTELLO / COSTELLOE  John   40th Regiment

EVANS  Thomas   Royal Horse Artillery

FITZCHARLES  Charles   74th Regiment

HAYDEN / HEYDEN / HAYDON   James   10th Regiment

KEARNEY  John   63rd Regiment

LEE  Patrick   41st Regiment

MARKEY / MARKEE  Christopher   44th Regiment

McKENZIE  Roderick   45th and 41st Regiment

McKERNAN / McKEARNAN / McKERAN  John   99th Regiment

MITCHELL / MITCHEL  Matthew   65th Regiment

MORTIMER  Arthur   Royal Artillery  2nd Battalion 4th Company

PRATT  John   98th and 24th Regiment

QUIRK  James   20th and 54th Regiment

RUDDOCK / RUDDUCK / BUDDOCK  George   2nd Foot Guards

SHORE  William Henry   2nd Dragoons

TRAYHOURN / TRAYHORNE  Richard   96th Regiment

WHITE  William   99th Regiment

WILD  John   18th Regiment

WRIGHT  John   42nd Regiment