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Hougoumont – 1868

Departed Portland 12th October 1867 and arrived Fremantle 9th January 1868

Number of Guards officially listed to arrive was 44 – confirmed by the “Ships Project”

Read: Hougoumont Pay List W022-226

Historical image and newspaper article:


Shipping Arrivals
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ASH  Abraham   64th Regiment

BARKER  Joseph   6th and 12th Regiment

BIRD  John   83rd Regiment

BLANEY  Thomas   Royal Artillery Coastal Brigade

CAIRNS  James   Royal Artillery 5th Brigade

CARROLL  John   57th and 25th Regiment

CAVAN  Edward   86th Regiment

CHAMBERS  John   7th 6th and 7th Dragoon Guards

CLARKE / CLARK  William   Royal Artillery 3rd Battery

COGHLAN / COUGHLAN  Michael  75th Regiment

COLTON / COTTON  William   Royal Artillery 5th Battalion

CORNICK  George   59th Regiment

CRONIN / CRONAN  Owen   HEIC Bombay Fusiliers and Royal Artillery 6th Battalion 18th Brigade

DELANEY / DELANY  Edward   82nd and 97th Regiment

DONNELLY  Patrick / Thomas Patrick   46th Regiment

DOODY  John   95th Regiment

DUTHIE  John   95th Regiment

DUTTON  Joseph   Royal Artillery 6th Battalion 3rd Brigade

FEGAN  Michael   HEIC 1st Bombay European Fusiliers

FLEMING  John   22nd Regiment

HIGGINS  William   38th Regiment

HORRIGAN / HONIGAN  Jeremiah   66th Regiment and 5th Fusiliers

JACKSON  John   HEIC Bombay Artillery

JANES  Robert   Royal Marines

JEFFERS  Charles   89th Regiment

JOSLIN  David   2nd Regiment

KILLEN / KILLIN  William   HEIC 1st Bombay Fusiliers and 103rd Regiment

LEAHEY / LEAHY / LEALY / LAKEY  Redmond   37th Regiment

MARTIN  Thomas   99th Regiment

McCARTHY  Carthage   40th Regiment, St Helena Corps and 84th Regiment

McCORMICK  Patrick   5th Fusiliers Depot

McDERMOTT  William   67th Regiment

McGLOUGHLIN / McLOUGHLIN  Thomas   29th Regiment

McGREGOR  George   102nd Regiment and European Veterans Corps

McLAURIN / McLANRIN  William   72nd Regiment and Royal Artillery Coast Brigade

PLACKETT / PLASKETH  Samuel   8th Regiment Depot

PORTER  Henry   10th 81st and 107th Regiment

REARDON / REANON  Michael   67th 65th and 1st Regiment

REDMOND  Michael   HEIC 2nd European Light Infantry and Royal Artillery 18th Brigade

SALMON  John   63rd Regiment and Royal Canadian Rifles

SMITH / SMYTH  Joseph   HEIC Madras Artillery and Royal Artillery 17th Brigade

TEAPLAR  James   37th Regiment

WHELAN  Thomas   13th Regiment

WOODS  Francis   96th and 16th Regiment