Discharged in Australian Colonies

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CUNNINGHAM  James   51st Regiment

DOYLE  James   96th Regiment

FORD  Michael   96th Regiment

HAMMOND  John   96th Regiment

HANNY / HANNEY  James   Corps of Regiment of Engineers

HOARE / HORE  John   12th Regiment

HOLT   Charles 51st Regiment

HORNBY  Michael   51st and 96th Regiment

McCULLUM / McCALLUM / McCULLEM  David   99th and 12th Regiment

McGLADE  Peter   63rd Regiment

MOTTRAM  Samuel   99th and 51st Regiment

NEWSTEAD  Nathaniel   96th Regiment

PRENDAVILLE / PRENDERVILLE  Thomas   51st Regiment

ROCK  James   96th Regiment

SMITH  William Pugh   12th Regiment

WILLIAMS  John   51st Regiment

WOODS  Henry   96th Regiment

WYNNE  Samuel   51st Regiment