The resources and references used to obtain the information presented in the Enrolled Pensioner Force WA website include reference books, national and state records and registers, British Army and War Office documents and other British and Australian government records (e.g. census returns).

The most significant and widely used resources and references to develop and present the information on the website include the following:

  • Barker D. Warders and Gaolers WAGS 2000
  • Broomhall F.H. The Veterans: a history of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in Western Australia 1850-1880 Hesperian Press Western Australia 1989
  • Erickson R. The bicentennial dictionary of Western Australians pre-1829 – 1888 UWA Press 1888
  • James M.S. A superior body of men Authorhouse 2016
  • War Office documents – WO10, WO12, WO97, WO22, WO23, WO100


Other more specific references were also used which are more related to individual profiles. Information regarding these resources can be obtained through using the Contact Form listed under the Contact Us section of the website. In many of the EPF Profiles more information is required and further primary resources will need to be identified (where available). The inclusion of images is anticipated to be ongoing work.