We would like to thank  those  who joined us on the long journey (over ten years),   in developing the our ‘Ships Project’ and researching ‘our’ men.

That assistance often meant long hours delving into indecipherable records and chasing people through the ages and countries they served in – and generally having a good time.

We appreciate their dedication, for without them, this would not have been possible.

Special thanks go to our ‘Admiral’, Margaret Hickey, who shepherded,  cajoled, bribed and threatened many; and also to our fantastic ship’s ‘Captains’.

Pam Anspach

Ian Barnes

Marjorie Burton

Noel Donegan

Liana Fitzpatrick

Teresa Handcock

Margaret Hickey

Tom Joynes

Kaye Kelly

John Knowles

Ken Lance (decd.)

Greg Larsen

Jeanette Lee

Marilyn McCutcheon

Sally Nicholas

Diane Oldman

Gillian O’Mara

Peter Short

Beth Smith

Glen Stevenson